Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Sayuri coming to the room and finding an upset Kanha. Sayuri sits beside him and says Kanha. Kanha goes away. Kanha pretends to do some work in the room. Sayuri tries to talk to him. Kanha says let me be alone for some time. Sayuri hugs him from behind and says I am sorry, really sorry. Sayuri says I did wrong by hiding this truth, as everyone was worried for me, and I couldn’t give more tension to you all. Sayuri says, please don’t be angry.

Kanha says you think I am angry because you didn’t tell me about this? I understand that some things can’t be exposed to everyone; you only think about why I am mad. Sayuri says what it is? Kanha says what did you tell Ma and Dadi Mausi? Sayuri says I was worried I was a threat to my kid’s life.

Kanha says you called the hospital and wanted to go; I got you against our destiny which made us go far off, so how could you do this? Sayuri and Kanha hug. They both promise and share everything and will fight it off together. They both hug and get emotional. Nakul is sitting in his room and remembers Rashmi and their moments together.

Nakul cries and thinks why did you do this, Rashmi? I thought you loved me, but I was never enough for you; I should have understood the first time you hurt me and hurt Sayuri and Kanha; I should have broken the relationship then only; today, I am angry at myself. Why. WhyI do it? Nakul feels angry and agitated. Nakul cries. Sayuri says we discussed our pains, then what about Nakul? Kanha says I was thinking about that. Sayuri asks Kanha to be with Nakul as he needs a friend and a brother.

A guy comes and tells Kanha how Nakul went somewhere in anger. Kanha says I will see. Nakul is caught drinking alcohol one after another. Nakul thinks why did you do this, Rashmi? You humiliated my family and me. Kanha and Yash drive to find Nakul. Nakul trembles as he gets drunk. Nakul angrily says, “I hate you, Rashmi; he keeps drinking.

Dhanraj tries to calm Saroj. Saroj says we didn’t think about Kanha and Nakul to make Sayuri and Rashmi go out. Dadi mausi says we did it for our kids only, so don’t worry. Kusum and Sayuri come there and say Kanha and Yash will bring Nakul. Saroj hugs Kusum, and Sayuri gives water to her.

Some people watch Nakul drink and walk drunk, so they think to record his video and viral it on social media, and then we will tag his family as well. They surround Nakul and taunt him for being so drunk. Nakul says stop it. Nakul gets angry and throws the phone. Here, Yash calms Kanha so that Nakul will be safe. The guys beat Nakul for breaking his phone.

The guy says rich people are so narrow-minded today; I will teach you a lesson. Nakul says I can also beat you, so go. One of the guys brings a broken bottle and is about to beat Nakul when Kanha stops him and says how dare you to beat my brother. Yash holds Nakul.

Nakul passes out. Later, at home, Saroj sits by Nakul and cries. Kanha says I am here, don’t worry. Dadi mausi and Saroj go out. Dadi mausi says everything is getting clear; this will make him strong. They both go. Kanha asks Sayuri to go to the kids. Sayuri says the kids are with mom, and Nakul needs me. If you want to rest, then you can go. Nakul wakes up and says I must attend the meeting; what am I doing here? I need my white shirt. Nakul calls out for Rashmi.

Sayuri says I will do it. Nakul said no, Rashmi knows my stuff, and she also had to go with me as she knows about the women well with whom I have the meeting; she is a lovely lady we can’t miss it; I need to go. Kanha and Sayuri calm him down and make him sleep. Kanha says he is in trauma; he doesn’t even remember about Rashmi and if it’s day or night.

Sayuri asks about the lady of Kasba and what’s so special about her. Kanha says I have never met her, just heard. Sayuri says if Nakul emphasizes it, we should do this meeting; it must be essential. Kanha agrees. Here, a lady is running from the goons, she tries to take different routes in the forest, but then she trips and gets caught by the goons.


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