Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kanha leaving the place and Vikranth and Sayuri getting into a car. They reach home when Rashmi panics upon seeing them back home. Sayuri thanks Vikranth for taking her shopping.

Vikranth says it’s fine and asks her to make tea. He leaves to get ready. Rashmi sighs in relief that she managed to escape through another door. She waits for her plan to succeed. Sayuri recalls what happened with Kanha and is elated that she could join him soon.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rashmi recalls messing with her stove in order to kill Sayuri. Sayuri is about to switch on the gas. Yash is overjoyed to learn about Sayuri and her daughter and congratulates Kanha. He says he’s so happy for them. He’s amazed at Sayuri’s strength and courage.

Sayuri is about to switch on the gas when Vikranth comes there, saying that he doesn’t feel like having tea, and Sayuri doesn’t switch on the gas. Kanha tells Yash that they need to stick to Sayuri’s plan, but Yash asks whether the police will believe them as Vikranth would have already made arrangements to prove Sayuri is Sanchi.

Kanha says that Sayuri herself would give them the explanation that she’s Sayuri and nothing like Sanchi. Yash plans to locate the baby first and rescue it, but Kanha asks him not to do so. He asks him to go with Sayuri’s plan but just asks him to know about the baby.

Rashmi gets irked that the blast hasn’t happened yet. Vikranth clicks Sayuri’s picture, and Kuku applies haldi to her, followed by Vikranth. Sayuri wishes Kanha was there instead of Vikranth and fantasizes about dancing with him. Soon she comes out of the dream and starts acting with Vikranth.

Rashmi peered from the window and found Sayuri elated about the wedding. She wonders how she could be so happy and wonders if she forgot Kanha and started loving Vikranth. Kuku sees her peaking and calls Sayuri to inform her. Rashmi hides before Sayuri can notice her.

Nakul calls Rashmi and asks where she is now that he has returned home. Rashmi says that she came to the market to buy gifts for him, and Nakul gets happy. He says he needs her by his side to spend time with her. He calls her for a lunch date, and Rashmi agrees to come. Rashmi cuts the call.

Kanha comes home and sees Nakul. Saroj sees them and calls Nakul to join them for food. Nakul says that he’s going out to have lunch with Rashmi and leaves angry. Saroj feels upset about the same. Sayuri goes to the kitchen to cook something for Kuku. Rashmi waits for the blast when Vikranth comes there.

He asks if she’s waiting for the blast. He pulls her away and asks if she is waiting for the blast. He recalls checking the CCTV footage to find out if Kanha sneaked in. That’s when he spotted Rashmi and fixed the gas. He asks who she is and why she would try to harm any of them.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rashmi says that she’s Sayuri’s sister, and the one he’s staying with is not Sanchi but Sayuri. She says Sayuri can’t love anyone except Kanha and asks him not to fall into her trap. Vikranth abuses her, saying that she’s Sanchi’s, who’s been married to him for 8 years now.

Sayuri searches for Vikranth. Vikranth says he would kill her, but Rashmi begs for her life, saying that she has a small baby to take care of. Vikranth leaves her, saying that he’s excusing her for her baby. Sayuri comes there.


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