Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Riddhi about to give a rose to Kanha wishing him the new year but he moves away. She wishes Dadaji by mistake and he too wishes her back. Indrani feels bad sewing another girl with Kanha instead of Sayuri. She can’t see him with someone else. She wishes to go back to their house. Dadi says that Kanha brought them there to look after Rashmi’s baby for delivery. Indrani wishes to go back but Dadi says that Rashmi still couldn’t handle herself and what could she do to handle the baby.

Riddhi is speaking with Kanha while Rashmi fumed seeing it. Kanha says to Yash that they need to leave for the party. He switches off the light and sneaks out of the party with Yash. Rashmi noticed it and decides to find the issue at any cost. Kanha and Yash are on their way when Yash asks whether Sayuri will come there. Kanha believes that she will. Yash says they can’t stay away for long as family members would notice their absence soon.

Vikranth asks Sayuri to get ready for the party. Sayuri recalls seeing Kanha’s reflection and understands that the party is his plan. She suggests staying at home and celebrating but Vikranth decides to go. She recalls waking up after treatment. She got confused seeing Vikranth and is about to go back to her husband and family when Vikranth stopped her saying that he’s going to be her husband from now on and she should live as Sanchi Desai.

She still tries escaping but Vikranth warns her to harm the most precious thing in her life. Kanha and Yash come to the party and Yash asks Kanha how will he identify Sayuri with a mask in such a big crowd. Kanha says he identifies Sayuri with his heart and not eyes. Yash leaves to pick up a bb call when Kanha sees Sayuri entering. He finds her joined hands with Vikranth. Sayuri also identifies Kanha. Sayuri sees him approaching and pleads in his mind to not come near her. She thinks that he will risk everything if he approaches her.

Yash comes there and welcomes Vikranth. He appreciates their pair and takes Vikranth with him to meet other important people. Vikranth asks Sayuri to stay there and leaves with Yash. Rashmi is searching for Kanha. Riddhi comes there and asks Rashmi about Kanha. She asks about his interests and liking for her to change herself for him. Rashmi says that no matter what she does Kanha won’t change. She says that he lived only with her sister and will forever only love her.

She asks her to pack her bags and leave. Riddhi asks what will she do if she doesn’t. Rashmi says that she has no idea what she could do and says she’ll kill her. Sayuri is praying for Kanha to not come near her and push her into more trouble. Kanha comes from behind and asks who troubles her. Sayuri tries to hide. They both ask about each other’s wounds. Sayuri says that Vikranth is not behind her wound.

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