Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Saroj asking Kanha on the phone if he found Sayuri. Rashmi tries to hear her. Indrani asks her what happened. Saroj says they are bringing Sayuri here. They all get happy. According to Indrani, our daughter is finally coming home. Saroj says one is coming back and one is going out. Saroj slaps Rashmi and reveals to everyone how Rashmi was the one who pushed Sayuri from the cliff—a sister killed another sister. Everyone gets shocked.

Indrani asks Rashmi if this is true. Rashmi cries and doesn’t say anything. Indrani says you are dead for all of us. Everyone taunts her. Rashmi tries to defend herself, but when Saroj says you’re lying, she stops. Everyone decides to send Rashmi out of the house. It all turns out to be Rashmi’s dream. Kanha, Yash, and Kuku come rushing into the house.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kanha beats a plate with a spoon and announces that Kanha and Sayuri have returned to us. Rashmi feels anxious. Kanha comes carrying Sayuri in his arms. Everyone gets emotional when Rashmi is upset and angry. Indrani and Dadi rush to Sayuri. They ask why Sayuri is unconscious. Yash says she will be fine soon. Indrani performs the griha pravesh. Dhanraj asks Kanha to take Sayuri inside the room. Rashmi tries to be happy in front of everyone. Maasi prays for Sayuri.

Kanha approaches Rashmi and tells her that she must be overjoyed for Sayuri. Rashmi says yes. Why is she unconscious? Kanha claims that the doctor gave her a sleep injection and asked us not to cause her any trauma. Indrani hugs Rashmi to show happiness. Saroj is still in shock. “I’ve missed you so much in this house, in my room, and in my life; I was incomplete without you.” “I can’t imagine the trouble you went through this past year; how did you manage to take all that torture?”

As Kanha places Sayuri on the bed, she says: Now that you only have happiness in your life, I want to give you so much happiness. Kanha thanks, God. Kanha asks Sayuri to rest and wake up soon. Kanha decides to change her clothes because she wants to see him first. Kanha goes. All the family members talk about how this is so shocking.

Dhanraj wonders how that monster did things to Sayuri while she fought so well. Yash believes he would not be alive if the car had exploded. Nakul says Kanha pulled Sayuri out on time. Kanha comes in and says the medicine is still working and she is sleeping; this is the tiredness she has noticed in her over the last year.

Dhanraj advises focusing on the present and future: “God has returned Sayuri and Kid to you, so focus on these things.” Indrani says Sayuri could fight just for you and Mithu. Dhanraj says, “I hope God gives you a lot of happiness.” Kuku smiles at Kanha. Kanha hugs her and thanks her. Kanha takes Mithu in his hands. Kanha claims that Krishna Ji has brought her a lot of joy. Rashmi thinks I would have to live my old life again. I can’t take it.

Rashmi comes to Sayuri’s room without getting noticed. Kanha talks to Kuku and Mithu about how soon Sayuri will come back to her senses. Krishna Ji gave us two daughters, and I must do justice to them. Rashmi takes a pillow and says, “I can’t let you wake up, or else my life will be over, so I can’t let that happen.” Rashmi says, “I am sorry, but I need to finish my incomplete task.” Rashmi says that if I let you go this time, I will be on the road, and if you tell the truth to anyone, you must die today. Rashmi is about to keep a pillow on Sayuri’s face when Nakul calls for her from behind. She worries and keeps the pillow on its side.


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