What is the difference between Twitter Gold Tick and Blue Tick?

What is the difference between Twitter Gold Tick and Blue Tick? Twitter has finally relaunched the Twitter Blue service. During this period, attention to gold ticks is also seen. But now there is a lot of uncertainty about Blue Tick and Gold Ticks. We should let you that people who take the Twitter Blue service will be charged an amount and not only edit tweets, many new features are available. Let us tell you about the difference between Twitter gold ticks and Twitter blue.

To get Twitter’s blue tick, you must have a Twitter blue subscription, which can be either an organization or an individual user. However, the golden batch is reserved for Twitter blue’s business accounts only. Golden tick is currently in the testing stage, although no official announcement was made about whether there would be a separate fee for the service or not. But it’s clear that it is meant for official businesses only.

Gold tick on Twitter blue

Twitter’s new gold tick can now be seen on all official Twitter accounts. Along with this, it can also look at the accounts of many Indian companies, which can have accounts like Google India, Audi India, and Xiaomi India.

You can see the golden badge here

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue will also be continued, which will allow verification of individual accounts. With the assistance of this subscription, customers will receive modified Tweeps, 1080p videos, a read-only view, and a verified badge, along with special themes and customized navigation options. Under Blue service, the customer will also see the most popular articles. This function will operate automatically.

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