Udaariyaan 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam looking at Harleen and recalling the news. He then shows her the newspaper and asks her to read it. He himself reads the news about Advait and Harleen’s marriage. He then starts questioning Harleen and shouts at her for being silent, telling her that because of her silence, Nehmat’s life gets ruined.

He then compares Harleen with Jasmine and says the latter broke her trust. He thought that he wouldn’t hate her, but today he hurt her the most and taunted her. Harleen pleads with him not to say such things. Ekam asks Harleen that the latter waited a long time so that Nehmat and himself could get separated and she could get him and succeed in it.

Udaariyaan 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Harleen requests that he listens to her once. Ekam reminds her of her words and how she thinks she is different from others. He then calls her selfish and tries to leave but gets stopped when Harleen defends, saying she became selfish because she loved him but now she realizes their love for one another. She further apologizes for whatever happened. Ekam shouts at her. Harleen says she now wants him and Nehmat to get united, so now she is freeing herself from her.

Ekam gives her the engagement ring and tells her he has done all this because Nehmat asked him to, but he has never loved her and he doesn’t want any relationship with her. Harleen says that she wants Ekam and Nehmat to get united because she understands that they both can’t live without one another. In the temple, Nehmat recalls Harleen calling her sister and praying to God for her. Here, Ekam walks away from Harleen. Harleen takes Ekam’s ring from the ground and tells herself that she wants Ekam’s happiness, so she is sacrificing her love.

Ekam recalls whatever happened. He then hears a love song and recalls Nehmat’s suffering, getting hopeful now that he and Nehmat can unite. He then happily dances and buys a bunch of roses and a ring. He thanks God for returning Nehmat to him, says no one can separate her from him now, and runs from there. He enters somewhere, and Advait washes his face.

One of the reporters tries to take photos of him. Advait beats him. Shamsher apologizes and says they will soon meet them with the truth. He then slaps Advait inside the house and warns him not to leave until he finds out who is behind all this.

Advait says he is sure that Nehmat is behind all this. Here, Nehmat arrives at her house and is shocked to see reporters there. They ask Nehmat questions about the truth about Advait’s marriage with Harleen. Nehmat tells whatever happened in Advait’s life. He should answer to the law and say she is thankful to God, then go inside her house.

Harleen cries, recalling Ekam’s words. She then receives a call from Jasmine, who scolds her for deciding to sacrifice her love for Nehmat and become an emotional fool. She then asks Harleen to tell the media that the information isn’t true, but Harleen refuses, which angers Jasmine. Jasmine advises that in love, one should be selfish and not sacrifice.

Later, Nehmat sees Ekam arrive there with a music band and sing a love song for her while playing guitar. Nehmat looks away from Ekam. She then looks perplexed and asks him what all of this is about. Ekam gives her a bunch of roses and congratulates her for getting rid of Advait. Nehmat recalls Harleen’s words about how her happiness is important to her because Ekam’s happiness relies on it. She looks on.


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