Udaariyaan 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Harleen calling Ekam. While Ekam doesn’t pick up and worries about why is the meeting taking so long. Harleen asks aunty why is Ekam not picking. Aunty says maybe he is busy working so let’s have dinner. Harleen says you guys eat, I will wait for Ekam as he must be hungry too.

Aunty and Ekam’s sister make faces. Here, Nikhil asks Nehmat to eat but she says I will wait for Advait. Neeru taunts Nehmat about how she pretends that her marriage is perfect when it is not. Here, Advait is being intimate with a girl and drinking with her. Aunty and Ekam’s sister ask Harleen not to wait for Ekam as he has work that has no hours. Aunty asks Harleen to go home as it’s too late.

Harleen says okay but promises me you won’t tell Ekam about it as I want to surprise him. Aunty says sure, and I will cook aloo ke paranthe for you, you like it right? Harleen says I love it, thanks, aunty.  Harleen takes a leave. Ekam’s sister calls Harleen over but aunty says she is so jolly and she brings positivity to this house after so long Ekam also needs someone to make him believe in love again.

Here, Ekam sees Advait with another girl, and both of them are drunk. The driver says his stomach is upset so he can’t drive him home. Flashback is shown when Advait asks the driver to pretend to have an upset stomach on their way home and threatens him to obey him. Flashback ends. So the driver does the same. Advait asks Ekam to drive him home safely. Ekam feels angry seeing Advait with another girl. On his way back, Ekam thinks if Nehmat knows about Advait’s affair.

Here, Naaz asks Nehmat if Advait has not returned. Nehmat says no. Naaz asks are you worried about Advait or Ekam? Naaz smirks and goes while Nehmat calls Advait. Advait tells the girl how his wife is so naive and she is calling him, she must have not eaten anything and waiting for him like an obedient wife. Advait makes fun of Nehmat while Ekam becomes angrier.

Later, Ekam brings Advait home. Nehmat thanks Ekam. Nehmat is unable to support Advait and take him to the room so Ekam takes him. Advait asks Nehmat if she was waiting for him or her lover Ekam. Advait asks Ekam to sleep on the same bed with him and Nehmat. Nehmat asks Advait to shut up. Ekam leaves angrily. Ekam sees Nehmat from afar and sees her cry.

Ekam is on his way back and thinks I know Nehmat is not happy with him she is in so much pain. Ekam comes home and sits sadly. His mom comes and asks what is the matter. Ekam says I feel Nehmat is suffering, I don’t know what punishment she is getting. Mom says don’t say that, she did so much wrong with you and Malika and your dad. Ekam says I wanted to go away from her but see my luck I am so much close to her, DIG appointed me as the personal bodyguard of Advait even though I said no.

Mom worries for Ekam and says how will you see Nehmat with her husband. Ekam says but I feel they have no emotions in between them. Mom says you are saying this because you truly loved her, don’t get yourself hurt by this, please don’t, stay away. Ekam says somehow god is not wanting me to. Ekam goes. Mom remembers how Ekam is happy with Harleen so she thinks I know how to make happiness come back into Ekam’s life.

Here, Harleen is seeing Ekam’s pictures on the projector and adores him. She remembers all her moments with Ekam. She blushes and smiles. Harleen says today you got saved by me but tomorrow you won’t be able to get saved from me. She smiles. Later, Nehmat and Ekam are shown to be disturbed and crying. They both remember the day’s incident and then their time spent together. Nehmat thinks I am sure Ekam must have felt very bad about today.

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