Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Advait calling the fire department. He makes his shirt dirty. He puts Nehmat in the ambulance. Ekam and Harleen are on their way to the farmhouse. The ambulance goes across Ekam and Harleen’s car. Ekam stops the car and looks toward the ambulance, feeling weird. Harleen asks Ekam to drive off. Advait rushes Nehmat to the hospital.

The reporters ask Advait what happened to Nehmat, who is pregnant. Advait lied to the media that they were relaxing in their farmhouse after their election campaign, and suddenly the farmhouse caught fire. Meanwhile, Ekam and Harleen reach the farmhouse. They are shocked to see the burning farmhouse. The servant says that Advait is fine, and Nehmat got wounded.

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ekam recalls the ambulance. He says to Harleen that his intuition about Nehmat was correct. They rush to the hospital. Kapoors and Sandhus were present in the hospital. Satti and Rupy worry about Nehmat. Shamsher is worried about Nehmat’s fake pregnancy getting exposed. Naaz is curious about what happened in the farmhouse and whether Mallika was present when the accident occurred.

She wonders why Mallika isn’t answering her calls. Naaz sees the news channels talking about Nehmat. She becomes upset because every time she tries to do something bad to Nehmat, it becomes her favorite. Meanwhile, Mallika reaches her house. She recalls Nehmat telling her to expose her and Advait’s affair in the media and grows anxious. She turns off her phone. She prevents Renuka from switching on the TV.

Shamsher makes a video call to Advait and asks him to show Nehmat to her family. He obliges. The doctor comes to them and says that he can’t say anything without seeing Nehmat’s reports. Shamsher thinks that the fake pregnancy truth shouldn’t come out. He takes the doctor aside to talk. The doctor says to Advait that Nehmat’s reports are fine and she will soon gain consciousness.

Advait is scared that Nehmat will exorcise him after gaining consciousness. Shamsher calls Advait and asks him to handle the media, which wants to know about Nehmat. Advait obliges. Ekam reaches the hospital. He inquires at the reception about Nehmat and learns that she’s in ICU. Ekam notices Advait. He goes to Advait. He grips his shirt collar and inquires as to what he did with Nehmat.

Advait lied to Ekam. But Ekam refuses to believe him. He says that Nehmat has come to meet him because he dropped her there when her car broke down. He says that after seeing the farmhouse, it doesn’t seem like it was an accident. Shamsher stops Ekam. He asks Ekam to do his duty and control the media, which is desperate to know about Nehmat’s healthy condition.

Shamsher asks Advait to talk to the reporters, as they have to talk to the doctor. Ekam says that he won’t spare Advait if it’s revealed that he has lied. Shamsher takes Advait aside. He says that he can’t fool him like he fools Ekam and the media with his cooked-up story. He asks Advait what really happened in the farmhouse. Advait says that Nehmat wanted to break her relationship with him. He narrates whatever happened in the farmhouse, which disappoints Shamsher.

On the other side, Satti prays to God for Nehmat. Harleen arrives there. She gives the prasad that she got from Gurudwara to Satti and Rupy. Here, Shamsher scolds Advait for his foolishness. He says that only Nehmat can make him win the election, so he asks Advait to make sure that Nehmat doesn’t gain consciousness, and if she doesn’t tell the truth to anyone else, he will lose the election.

Udaariyaan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ekam asks the nurse to meet Nehmat to get her statement. Rama asks the doctor, who says to Ekam that Nehmat can’t give a statement as she is still unconscious. Ekam is told the same thing by the doctor. Ekam leaves. Adait finds Satti talking to an unconscious Nehmat, asking her to wake up. Advait recalls Shamsher’s words. She stops Satti and takes her outside.

Shamsher and Rama reassured Satti and Rupy that Nehmat would be fine. Shamsher gestures at Neeru. The latter sheds crocodile tears and prays for Nehmat’s recovery. Shamsher and Advait try to send Satti and Rupy home. But they refuse.

Advait wonders what his dad’s plan is. Shamsher scolds Rama and Neeru for letting Satti approach Nehmat. Ekam watches this. He wonders why the Kapoors don’t let anyone meet Nehmat. He grows suspicious. He vows not to spare them if they are responsible for Nehmat’s condition.


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