Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shamsher asking Nehmat to call him papa ji. Nehmat obliges. She asks Shamsher’s permission to rejoin her office as a journalist. Neeru taunts Nehmat and says that she gave the charity idea so that Shamsher let her do her job. Shamsher shuts Neer up. Shamsher asks Nehmat to leave her job and focus on her charity work. Nehmat assures Shamsher that the charity work won’t stop, but becoming a journalist is her dream.

Advait arrives there and says that he hasn’t given Nehmat any gift ever since their wedding. He says that he has a gift for Nehmat. Neeru wonders what gift he has. On the other hand, Harleen is on a call with Jasmine. She thanks Jasmine for calling her to India. Jasmine asks why she’s very happy. Harleen changes the topic.

Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Advait hands Nehmat a rose. He presses Nhemat’s hand hard on the thorn. Nehmat’s finger bleeds. Advait adds that he has a surprise for her. There Jasmine asks Harleen if she gave the marriage certificate to Nehmat. Harleen thinks that if she says that she gave it to Nehmat, Jasmine will ask her to return to Canada. She refuses to go back to Canada as she wants to spend more time with Ekam. Here, Ekam reaches Kapoor’s house.

He recalls DIG’s words and then Advait’s words. The doorbell rang. Advait says to Nehmat that her surprise came and asks her to open the door. Nehmat obliges. She is shocked to see Ekam. Kapoors are also stunned to see Ekam. Advait asks Nehmat if she won’t welcome Ekam. Ekam says hello to Advait and gives a handshake. Advait ignores Ekam. He introduces Ekam to his family as his personal bodyguard. Nehmat is stunned to hear this.

Advait mocks Nehmat by wiping the sweat on her face. He says that he is a politician and needs protection. He says that Ekam can give him better protection. He says that Nehmat must have fun seeing his husband and her EX lover together. Ekam asks Advait to mind his language. Advait angrily asks Ekam to call him Sir. He warns him not to intervene when he is talking. There, Jasmine calls Harleen again and asks if she handed the certificate to Nehmat.

Harleen says that she couldn’t as Nehmat is busy with political work and Advait is always with her. Jasmine asks Harleen to give the certificate to Nehmat somehow as it’s primordial. Ekam is about to return home after his work time is over, but Advait intentionally stops Ekam and asks him to accompany him for a meeting which isn’t mentioned in the schedule given to Ekam. Nehmat arrives there to give a file to Advait.

Advait hugs Nehmat and kisses her forehead to provoke Ekam. Ekam is hurt and looks at the other side. Advait says to Nehmat that Ekam must be angry to realize that now only he can hug and kiss her. He asks Nehmat to wait for him to have dinner. Advait insults Ekam by calling him a bodyguard and asking him to open the car door for him. Advait obliges. They drive off. Nehmat feels bad seeing Ekan getting humiliated and runs to her room crying. She wonders why Advait is treating Ekam like that.

Advait goes inside the hotel, asking Ekam to wait for him till he returns. Ekam thinks that mom must be waiting for him. At Randhawa’s house, Harleen arrives there to meet Ekam. She asks Renuka where Ekam is. Renuka says that he didn’t return from work. Harleen wants to have dinner with them. Renuka says that she may not like the food that she made.

Udaariyaan 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Harleen says that she must have prepared Ekam’s favorite dishes. She says that Ekam’s favorite dishes are also her favorite. Renuka teases Harleen by saying that she had cooked a snake for Advait. Harleen is shocked, yet she says that she also likes it as Ekam likes it.

Advait is with a girl inside the hotel. He says to the girl that he was cursing his fate without reason. He says that while his wife is waiting for him in the house, her boyfriend, his security guard, is waiting outside. There, Nehmat is worried as both Advait and Ekam went together.

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