Udaariyaan 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the nurse seeing Ekam moving his fingers and informing the doctor. The doctor checks Ekam. Ekam whispers Nehmat’s name. Nehmat who is in Gurudwara senses Ekam calling out to her. She leaves. The nurse says to the Randhawa and the Sandhus that Ekam is fine now. They go to see him. They are happy and thank God.

Nehmat arrives at the hospital to give Ekam the prasad. But Mallika and Renuka prevent Nehmat from seeing Ekam. They blame Nehmat for Ekam’s condition. Renuka drags Nehmat from there. Rupy takes the prasad from Nehmat to give to Ekam. He says that Ekam got saved because of her prayers which Randhawa can’t understand.

Udaariyaan 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ekam recognizes Nehmat’s shawl. He wonders whether Nehmat come to see him. He asks the nurse if anyone came to see him. The nurse says that the media came to see. He says that he doesn’t want to see the media. The nurse asks him to meet the girl who is troubling the hospital staff to see him. Ekam thinks that it’s Nehmat and asks the nurse to see her.

Nehmat collects groceries to give to the police family in charity. Advait taunts Nehmat and asks if she can’t collect money instead for the party. Nehmat reminds Advait that the groceries will be distributed in the party’s name only. Shamsher praises Nehmat and asks Advait to learn from Nehmat. Advait and Naaz look unhappy.

Harleen is surprised when the nurse says to her that Ekam wants to meet her. Harleen meets Ekam. Ekam recalls saving Harleen from Sameer. Harleen thanked Ekam for saving her. She says that he is wearing sad colored clothes and urges him to wear colorful clothes that she is wearing. She turns around and shows Ekam’s name printed on it. Ekam laughs at seeing it. Ekam refuses.

The nurse arrives and asks Harleen to go. Harleen imitates the nurse. She says to Ekam that they will meet outside the hospital and leave. Advait asks Shamsher where Nehmat is. Shamsher taunts Advait. He says that Advait is standing in the election, but Nehmat is working to win hearts. He says that Nehmat went to do charity work. Advait gets angry and goes to Nehmat. He sees Nehmat doing charity and the media covering it.

Advait thinks that Nehmat is cunning and she is impressing his dad. He is scared that Shamsher will ask Nehmat to participate in the election in his place. Advait takes Nehmat aside and asks her to do drama in front of the media. Nehmat says that Shamsher called the media, not her. She makes it clear that she’s doing this neither for him, nor for his party, but for people.

She advises Advait to become a good human being and fight in the election to serve the people so that he can win it. Advait thinks of controlling Nehmat and thinks of using Ekam for that. Advait sees Ekam returning home after getting discharged from the hospital. The commissioner and the media welcome Ekam outside his house. Advait sees this and fumes in a rage. He drives off. Renuka and Mallika take Ekam inside.

Ekam is surprised to see the decorations of the house. Renuka says to Ekam that they didn’t do the decorating, nut a fan of him. Just then, Harleen dances and welcomes Ekam. At Kapoor’s house, Advait says about Ekam returning home after being discharged from the hospital. Nehmat is happy to hear this. Later in the room, Advait praises Ekam in front of Nehmat and says that Ekam’s capability should be tested.

He mocks about Nehmat’s changing expression on hearing Ekam’s name. Nehmat wonders what Advait is going to do. Advait phones a DIG whom he helped and asks him to meet him to talk about Ekam. Nehmat hears this. Here, Mallika is surprised to see that Harleen resembles Naaz’s mom. Harleen blindfolds Ekam and gifts him a toy that repeats what they say. Ekam, Renuka, and Mallika laugh at seeing Harleen’s antics. Renuka is happy to see Ekam.

Kapoors watches the news in which the media praise Ekam and Nehmat. Advait and Naaz look unhappy to see this. Nikhil praises Nehmat and says that she should be in politics. Nehmat says that she’s not interested in politics. Shamsher agrees with Nikhil but Naaz and Advait don’t like it. Ekam recalls Nehmat hugging her shawl. He realizes what he is doing. He says that this is wrong. He phones his higher official and requests his transfer.

Udaariyaan 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Advait meets the DIG. He asks when Ekam will receive the order. DIG says that Ekam will receive it by the next day and he has been compelled to accept it. Advait thinks that she will surprise Nehmat the next day. He thinks that he is attacking Ekam who is her weakness. Harleen learns about where Ekam is. She reaches there in front of him and picks up a fight with the tea stall owner. Ekam arrives and stops the fight.

Harleen urges Ekam to take her for coffee. Ekam gets DIG’s call. Ekam says to Harleen that he will take her for coffee on another day and goes to meet DIG. Ekam argues with the DIG refusing to accept the new duty to which he was assigned. The DIG says that there are complaints against him that he breaks the protocol. He talks about Ekam’s dad’s dishonesty. He threatens him that his mom won’t be able to bear it if the allegations against him are proven so that Ekam accepts his new duty.

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