Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nehmat being shocked to see Mallika in the farmhouse. Advait tries to explain to Nehmat The latter stops Advait and says that she can see what the truth is. Mallika mocks Nehmat. She says that she is returning to Nehmat the pain of betrayal that she gave her. Nehmat angrily looks at Mallika and Advait.

Nehmat says to Mallika that she didn’t have an affair with Advait, and, even now, she’s keeping an undesired marriage with him. She says that she would have separated from Advait if Mallika had told her that she still loved Advait. She asks Mallika why they need to do this.

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She admits that Mallika was wronged. She is stunned that Mallika, who is her childhood friend, betrayed her. She says to Mallika that she could have talked to her once. Mallika angrily reacts. She says that their friendship ended after she backstabbed her, and she asks her not to lecture her about friendship. She says that she gives back what she gave her. Nehmat says that they were victims of someone’s plotting.

She refuses to talk about it. She says that she came to the restaurant to patch things up with Mallika, but the latter refused to hear what she wanted to say. Mallika folds her hands in front of Nehmat and asks her to shut her mouth, as she doesn’t want to listen to her. Nehmat notices the diamond bracelet in Mallika’s hand.

Mallika also notices the diamond bracelet in Nehmat’s hand. They are both shocked. Nehmat throws the bracelet at Advait. Nehmat says to Mallika that this is the truth of Advait. She berates him and says that he is a fraud who doesn’t deserve anyone’s trust. She says that she forgave him only for the family’s sake and tried to maintain their relationship.

She regrets it. She says that she cut off all ties with Advait. She says that she was feeling guilty about breaking her friendship with Mallika by marrying Advait. She thanks Mallika and Advait for freeing her from her guilty feelings. She wishes that Mallika could see Advait’s true colors soon. Nehmat is about to leave. But Advait stops Nehmat. He says that she can’t leave because he needs her for his election victory.

Nehmat lashes out at Advait for using people for his benefit. She refuses to be a part of his political game anymore and helps him. Advait blames Mallika. He says that she made him feel guilty, so he was trying to reduce her pain. Nehmat asks if Advait can divorce her and marry Mallika since no one would marry Mallika if the truth of their affair got exposed in the media.

Mallika asks Nehmat not to worry about her. She doesn’t want her pity. She says that she doesn’t want Advait, who is a fraud. She says that both Nehmat and Advait are frauds, and they’re perfect for each other. She says that she just wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine. Mallika leaves.

On the other hand, Ekam and Harleen are sitting in the tea shop where Ekam used to go with Nehmat. He is still worried about Nehmat and expresses it to Harleen. He also feels guilty for talking about Nehmat when he is with Harleen and hurting her.

Here, Advait stops Nehmat from going after Mallika. Advait confesses that he wanted to take revenge on Ekam for his insult by using Mallika. Nehmat slaps Advait. There, Harleen says to Ekam that she understands that he still worries about Nehmat and that it’s not easy to forget the person you love. Ekam is surprised to see that Harleen is very understanding.

Here, Advait gets angry at Nehmat for slapping him. He asks Nehmat to go home. Nehmat refuses to return. She says that she’s not a toy to use the way he wants. She breaks up her relationship with Advait. Advait grabs her harshly and reminds her of Shamsher’s words. Nehmat also reminds him of Shamsher’s words to him. She says that it’s good that she learned about his affair with Mallika.

Udaariyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She says that she doesn’t have any reason to tolerate him anymore. Advait says that she can’t leave until he wins the election. Nehmat says that if she stays with him, she will make sure that he will lose it. Advait forcibly drags Nehmat upstairs. He pushes her into a room. Nehmat’s head hits the sofa table and starts to bleed. Yet Nehmat tries to leave. Advait pulls her back and pushes her. The candles fall, and the room catches fire.

Ekam coughs. Harleen says to Ekam to go and check on Nehmat for Ekam’s peace of mind, which surprises Ekam. Here, Advait pushes Nehmat hard. Nehmat’s head hits an object again, and she faints. Advait realizes what he did and stands stunned. He looks around and sees the room is on fire. Meanwhile, Ekam and Harleen are on the way. Ekam senses that Nehmat is in trouble and grows worried. Harleen thinks that Nehmat is lucky because Ekam loves her so much.


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