Udaariyaan 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam walking in the corridor with a gun. He sees a police officer’s body lying there. He hears Nehmat screaming for help. He breaks into a room. He doesn’t find Nehmat there. He walks out of the room searching for Nehmat. He finds Nehmat with the child in the corridor. He thinks that Nehmat will save that child. He hears a girl shouting for help and goes upstairs to check.

He finds Sameer holding a girl (Harleen) at gun point. Ekam warns Sameer to leave the girl. Sameer shoots Ekam in his shoulder. Ekam fights with Sameer. On the other hand, Nehmat takes the child to his mom. The guests applaud Nehmat’s bravery. Satti hugs Nehmat. Here, Ekam catches Sameer. The police team arrives there and arrests Sameer.

Udaariyaan 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Jaswant notices that Ekam’s shoulder is bleeding and says that he got shot. Ekam says that he is fine and asks Jaswant to take Sameer. He obliges. Ekam asks Harleen if she’s fine. She nods yes and says that he got shot. She looks at his injured arm. There, the commissioner tells Nehmat and the Kapoors that Ekam caught Sameer by risking his life. Everyone applauds Ekam. Nehmat smiles and asks the commissioner about Ekam. Here, Sameer presses the bomb button.

The bomb explodes. An officer informs the commissioner about the blast. Everyone is shocked to hear this and goes to that place. Nehmat is worried about Ekam and moves forward. Ekam comes out lifting Harleen.He drops her. Police officers take Harleen with them. Ekam faints. Nehmat moves to go to Ekam. But Advait holds Nehmat’s hand and forcibly drags her from there.

Later, at Kapoor’s house, Nehmat is worried about Ekam. She prays to God for his recovery. Meanwhile, Mallika and Renuka reach the hospital. They cry and ask at the reception to see Ekam. Shamsher and the commissioner ask the doctor to save Ekam somehow. In the police station, Jaswant beats Sameer when he says that Ekam won’t be saved. Nehmat calls Mallika to find out about Ekam’s condition. But she doesn’t answer the call.

Mallika asks the doctor about Ekam. The doctor says that Ekam is in a critical situation as his bleeding isn’t stopping and his operation is going on. Mallika breaks down into tears. Nikhil consoles Mallika. Nehmat sees on the news about Ekam’s critical condition and rushes to the hospital to see Ekam. Naaz sees this and thinks of using this to make Nehmat fall in everyone’s eyes.

Jasmine phones Naaz and asks about the blast in the Royal Hotel and asks if everyone who was in the hotel is fine. Naaz says to Jasmine that she’s fine and asks if it’s not enough for her. Jasmine is worried about Harleen and feels helpless that she can’t enquire anyone about Harleen. In the hospital, Harleen gains consciousness. She learns that Ekam Ranadawa saved her after seeing the news on the TV. She urges the nurse to let her go to see him as he saved her life. The nurse says that Ekam is critical. Harleen is shocked to hear this.

Renuka, Mallika, Rupy and Nikhil are praying to God for Ekam’s recovery. Nehmat is shown running on the road to reach the hospital. Mallika asks the doctor about Ekam’s condition. The doctor says that Ekam lost a lot of blood, so they can’t tell anything till he gains consciousness. Harleen phones Jasmine. The latter feels relieved and asks Harleen if she’s fine.

Udaariyaan 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Harleen says that she’s fine as her hero saved him, but he is critical now, so she has to go to see him. Jasmine is stunned when Harleen says that Ekam saved her. Nehmat reaches the hospital. She has her face covered with a duppata. She asks at the reception about Ekam and learns that he is in the ICU. She secretly goes to see him.

Advait is with a girl. He sees everyone parising Ekam on the news channel. He becomes angry and breaks the glass. He is sure that Nehmat must have gone to see Ekam in the hospital and angrily leaves. Nehmat is watching Ekam through the glass opening in the door of of ICU. She cries asking Ekam to wake up.

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