Udaariyaan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam punching the bag thinking about Nehmat and Advait. He gets angry at himself for not being able to forget Nehmat. He thinks that no matter what Nehmat shouldn’t suffer. On the other hand, Nehmat is arranging the cupboard.

Advait storms into the room. He asks Nehmat how she dared to touch his cupboard. He says that this is his cupboard and takes out her clothes from his cupboard and throws them on the bed, saying there’s no place for her clothes in his cupboard. Nehmat says that she’s also living in this room and need space for her belongings.

Udaariyaan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Advait says that it’s not his problem and she should have thought about it before agreeing to marry him. Advait says that he would have refused to marry her if had known the truth about her identity before. Nehmat says that she also learned this now and asks why he is getting angry at her for that. Advait tells Nehmat about Jasmine blackmailing him and Shamsher to reveal Nehmat’s truth to the media if he doesn’t give his position to Nikhil.

He says that Nehmat should have refused to marry him. He says that Nehmat used him for her benefit. He says that Nehmat is a cunning and selfish girl. Nehmat says that Advait used her and asks why he didn’t refuse to marry her. Advait says that he refused to marry her, but Shamshee forced him. Advait says that Nehmat didn’t have anyone, so she could have refused.

Nehmat says that she has her grandfather and she’s not an orphan. Advait asks why he left a criminal’s daughter in his house and if he really cared about her. Advait refuses to let his future and his dream of becoming a politician get ruined because of Nehmat’s past. He refuses to give his position to Nikhil. Nehmat stops Advait and says that she can’t change her past, but they can change their thoughts and try to find a solution.

Advait asks Nehmat to find a solution to save his political cart to prevent her truth from coming to light. He adds that he will make her life hell till that and angrily walk away. Nehmat accepts her fate if it’s God’s will and prays to God to show her a way to solve Advait’s problem. Meanwhile, Ekam is praying for Nehmat in Gurudwara.

Shamsher calls out to Nikhil. He says to Nikhil to become responsible as he is going to compete in the upcoming election in Nikhil’s place. He asks Nikhil to learn politics from Advait. He asks Nikhil to attend an inauguration function which Advait is supposed to attend. He asks Nikhil to take Naaz along with him if she wants. Naaz becomes happy to hear this. Naaz turns around to get ready. She bumps into Nehmat.

Nehmat asks Naaz to help her with cooking. Naaz says that Shamsher asked her and Nikhil to attend an important event and goes to get ready. Neeru stops Nehmat from entering the kitchen and taunts her. Rama stops Neeru and sends her to her room. Rama says to Nehmat that she’s in this house for political reasons, so she stops trying to create emotions with the family members. She asks Nehmat to go back to her room and watch TV.

Nikhil says to Shamsher that Advait is interested in politics, not him. Shamsher says that Advait’s wife is a criminal, so he can’t compete in the election, but Nikhil can. Advait is shocked to hear this. Rama also hears this and notices Advait. Meanwhile, Naaz is on a video call with Jasmine. Jasmine says that Shamsher can’t disobey her. Naaz shows different clothes to Jasmine. The latter says which one Naaz should wear for the function.

Jasmine tells Naaz how she has to behave in public as a wife of a politician. She says to Naaz to make sure that she is always in the limelight. Here, Nikhil refuses to compete in the election. Shamsher shuts him down and asks him to obey. Nikhil leaves. Advait thinks that he won’t let Nikhil attend the function he is supposed to attend. He says that he will attend it and leaves. Rama goes to Shamsher and questions his decision. Shamsher refuses to tell Rama why he wants to replace Advait with Nikhil and asks her not to interfere in his decision.

Nehmat is watching the news about Ekam catching a dangerous terrorist and risking his life. Advait sees this and gets angry at Nehmat. He asks Nehmat to get ready to go to a public appearance and asks her to prove his loyalty. There, Nikhil refuses to take part in politics. Naaz tries to convince Nikhil and says that he can get money and power if he becomes a politician. Nikhil says that it’s not his dream. Nazz convinces Nikhil to go to the event, saying that they can talk about it later to Shamsher.

Nehmat sees Advait and argues with Shamsher that he will attend the inauguration event with Nehmat. He says that he isn’t scared of Jasmine and accuses Shamsher to have increased Jasmine’s guts by always fearing her. They stop their discussion on seeing Nehmat. Advait and Nehmat get ready to leave. Just then, Nikhil and Naaz arrive getting ready. Advait says to Nikhil that he is free, so he can go where he wants. Nikhil thanks, Advait. Naaz looks unhappy.

Udaariyaan 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Advait and Nehmat are in the car. Advait recaps Jasmine’s words and accelerates the car. Nehmat gets scared and asks Advait to slow down the car. Advait doesn’t listen to her and drives ruthlessly. Nehmat shouts to stop the car. Advait stops the car. He asks Nehmat to get out of his car. Nehmat obliges. Advait asks Nehmat to reach the venue in time in the auto and drives off. Nehmat follows Advait’s car in an auto. Advait is shocked to realize that his car brake isn’t working.

Advait’s car crosses a checking post in which Ekam is standing. Rkam understands that there is some problem with the car breaking and follows it on his bike. Advait’s car gets hit by a truck and turns upside down. Nehmat and Ekam who have come following the car are shocked to see this. Nehmat shouts Advait. Ekam turns around and looks shocked at Nehmat.

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