Udaariyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the Kapoors watching the news channel and portraying Nehmat as mentally ill. They become happy and wonder who played this trick. Just then, Naaz arrives there and declares that she did this. She says that she has convinced her family to take Nehmat to the psychiatrist and has sent the media there to prove Advait right.

She lies and says that she didn’t expect Nehmat would react like this, but it’s good that the media has accepted that she is mentally ill. She pretends to care for Nehmat but says that she had to do this for the Kapoors’ sake. She advises Advait to bring Nehmat home to boost his image in front of the media.

Udaariyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Advait asks Naaz to advise him. But Shamshe agrees with Naaz and praises her smartness. He says that they can benefit if they use Naaz’s smarts in politics. Naaz becomes happy that Shamsher finally realized this and thinks that now her photo will also appear on the front page of the newspaper. Neeru whispers to Lovely that Naaz is jealous of Nehmat and did everything to get into politics. Lovely feel bad for Nehmat as her own sister betrays her, and she wishes that someone could help her.

Ekam finds his subordinate officers watching Nehmat’s video and making fun of her. Ekam scolds them for mocking a girl and defends Nehmat. Ekam receives Renuka’s call. Renuka asks Ekam to take off and return home to do wedding shopping. Ekam feels bad that he has to prepare for his wedding when Nehmat is suffering.

He wonders why life is testing him. On the other hand, Nikhil meets Nehmat. He apologizes to Nehmat for being quiet and supporting his family in their lies. Nehmat says that she’s happy that Nikhil isn’t like the rest of his family members. Nehmat asks Nikhil about the proof that he has against Advait. Nikhil gives Nehmat the box and says that there’s a syringe inside it. Nehmat opens the box.

There, Renuka informs Harleen that she’s going to visit the Sandhus to give them Ekam and Harleen’s wedding card and invite them. Harleen thinks that Nehmat will also be there. Here, Nehmat is shocked not to find the syringe in the box and notifies Nikhil about it and Harleen’s wedding card, inviting them. Harleen thinks that Nehmat will also be there. Here, Nehmat is shocked not to find the syringe in the box and notifies Nikhil about it. He is shocked to see the syringe missing.

He recalls Naaz asking him about the syringe and wonders if she took it. Meanwhile, Naaz is about to destroy the syringe but stops recalling Advait, refusing to take her advice. She decides to keep the syringe to use it against Advait when it’s needed. Here, Nehmat tells Nikhil to find the syringe before the person who took it destroys it. She says that she’s happy that at least Nikhil believes her and tries to help. Nehmat firmly believes that the truth will come out sooner or later. Nikhil is surprised to see Nehmat’s courage.

Renuka visits the Sandhus and invites them to Ekam and Harleen’s engagement and wedding. Nehmat hears this and is happy. She thanks, God. Renuka asks the Sandhus to come and bless Harleen, as she is also Rupy and Satti’s daughter. She praises Harleen and rebukes Nehmat. Rupy and Satti say to Renuka that they are happy for Harleen and Ekam, but they refuse to attend their engagement or wedding after Renuka spilled poison against Nehmat. They say that Nehmat has more importance in their lives than anyone else.

Ekam talks with someone about sending one of his men inside Kapoor’s house. But the person says that it’s not possible as the Kapoors tightened their security after Advait won the election. Ekam then watches Nehmat’s video and worries about Nehmat. He isn’t cooperating with the tailor, who tries to take his measurements to stitch his wedding clothes. Harleen sees this and taps on Ekam’s shoulder.

He reacts angrily. He realizes that it’s Harleen and apologizes to her. Renuka returns home. Mallika asks if the Sandhus are arriving for the engagement. Renuka says that she doesn’t care. She just wanted to invite them. Ekam hears this. He argues with Renuka about inviting the Sandhus despite knowing what they’re going through now.

Renuka says that they are Harleen’s family too. Mallika asks Ekam to stop worrying about Nehmat now that he is going to marry Harleen. Ekam admits that he has no relationship with Nehmat now, but he refuses to stop worrying about her. He notices Harleen and apologizes to her. He says to Mallika that she should be ashamed for not caring about Nehmat, who was once her best friend. He angrily leaves.

Nehmat talks about her parents’ picture. She thanks her parents for giving her the strength to fulfill the promise given to Renuka. She asks them to give her strength to win against Advait. She wonders who she needs to enlist in order to win Advait, given that they have bought every one. She closes her eyes and sees Ekam saving her. “Ekam,” she says. But she refuses to take his help.

She goes to the place where she and Ekam used to meet. Ekam, who is determined to help Nehmat at any cost, also arrives there. Ekam and Nehmat are surprised to see each other there. They wonder whether they’re dreaming or it’s real. Nehmat wonders if Ekam sensed her pain and arrived there. Ekam wonders whether his determination to help Nehmat brought her here.


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