Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Renuka saying you have to marry someone, I will find the girl. Ekam says you won’t force me into marriage. Renuka gets angry at Nehmat. Nehmat walks on the road and recalls everything. She cries. Rab ke khel niraale…plays… Rupy is on the way. He drops his scooter down and sits crying, worried for Nehmat. Satti asks where can he go, but he isn’t answering. Rupy shouts in anger.

Jasmin says the game has changed, Advait isn’t the number one horse of the race, he is Nehmat’s husband, and Nehmat is a criminal’s daughter, sorry Advait. Advait asks what nonsense, I don’t care about her roots. She says I was thinking if the media knows this then… He asks how can it happen. She says I want to shout to everyone. He asks why, and what’s your benefit in this.

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She says my daughter has fallen in love with your foolish younger brother, Nikhil has no power, position, and money, now he will take your place, check and mate. Shamsher and Advait get shocked. Advait asks what do you mean? Jasmin says Nikhil will become the MLA, I m really sorry, you are bearing the punishment of being Nehmat’s husband. Nehmat is standing in the middle of the road. Advait asks Shamsher to explain to Jasmin, this can’t happen.

Shamsher asks why do you think we will do whatever you say. Jasmin says you will do this when you can do murders on my saying. Advait says what if we refuse then…. Jasmin says then I will snatch your chair, you won’t get anything from me, then fight the elections and become MLA, you can’t go ahead if I step back. They argue. She threatens them of exposing Nehmat’s truth. Advait looks at Shamsher.

Jasmin says enough, I shall leave now, bye, Shamsher when I come to your office next time, MLA Nikhil Kapoor’s posters should be put here. Advait says don’t know why did I meet Nehmat. Shamsher says Jasmin’s end is close. Advait throws things in anger and says I will not leave Nehmat, dad, you did wrong, I didn’t want to marry Nehmat, I have regarded politics my life, you can’t give my life to Nikhil.

Shamsher says calm down, you think I will give your place to Nikhil, but it’s true that we can’t win elections if the funding stops and Nehmat’s truth comes out. Advait says whatever, I don’t care. Nehmat falls on the road and cries. She recalls Rupy’s words. Advait comes home and shouts Nehmat. Rama asks him what happened, and who was that woman.

Advait tells everyone about Nehmat. Naaz thinks Jasmin has done what she said, but even I didn’t know this. Neeru says Nehmat is a criminal’s daughter, and Sandhu’s got her married in our house. Harman says you should have told us. Rupy says Jasmin made Nehmat away from her mom when she was one day old, but Tejo and Fateh raised her as their own daughter, they never wanted to bring her truth out, they knew everyone will taunt her.

They cry. Neeru says I m scared, we have to put a CCTV camera. Prince says she is an innocent girl, why should we get scared of her? Neeru says she will stab you and go. Naaz says I didn’t know this. Advait says Rupy has lied to everyone. Nikhil asks him to calm down. Shamsher comes and says this truth shouldn’t go out of this house.

Nehmat is still walking on the road. She gets hit by a car. Ekam wakes up from sleep and shouts Nehmat. Renuka and Mallika come, and ask are you fine? Ekam says Nehmat is in some problem, I have to go. Renuka asks him to stop it, but Nehmat ruined their lives. Maid says Nehmat isn’t in the house, her phone was in the room, and Mahesh is saying he saw her going out. Nikhil says don’t know what she is going through. He goes to find her. Shamsher says Advait, go and find your wife.

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Advait thinks Ekam will not let anything happen to her, I know she has gone to her. Ekam says I have to go to her. Mallika says enough, she is married now, and her husband is there to take care of her. Ekam says fine. Renuka asks him to sleep. Ekam says I m not lying, I know Nehmat is in some problem. Rupy calls Nehmat. He says Nehmat isn’t answering. He prays. He leaves. Nikhil and Prince come to ask about Nehmat.

Rupy says she isn’t here, we were coming there to meet her. Prince says she isn’t at home. Nikhil says don’t worry, we will find her. Advait says she would have gone to Ekam, I will get a reason to remove her from my life. Ekam says I have to go and see Nehmat. He gets ready and runs out. Mallika asks him to stop. Ekam says something is wrong, let me go and see once. Mallika asks him to listen to her. He sits in the car to leave.

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