Udaariyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Advait being shocked to see Harleen at the party and wondering whether to tell Shamsher about her or not. Meanwhile, Sandhus is stunned to see Harleen and wonders who she is and how she looks exactly like Jasmine. They also wonder about her connection with Ekam. They doubt if she’s Jasmine’s daughter and wonder why Ekam didn’t tell them about her.

Lovely says that Ekam doesn’t know Jasmine. Lovely’s son says that she couldn’t be Jasmine’s daughter; if she was, she wouldn’t have dared to come here. He says that she could be a lookalike of Jasmine. Advait takes Harleen aside. He asks Harleen if Jasmine sent her here. Harleen says that she has come to visit India, which Advait refuses to believe as she hates India.

Udaariyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update
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Udaariyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Harleen congratulates Advait on his second marriage to Nehmat. Advait asks Harleen again what she’s doing here. Harleen says that she hasn’t come to trouble him and that she’s having fun here. She sees Nehmat and threatens Advait to tell Nehmat that she’s his first wife. She asks Advait to go and enjoy the party, and she will enjoy it too. Advait stops Harleen and says that he wants to talk to her. Harleen says that she also wants to talk to him, but not now. She leaves.

Sandhus is noticed by Harleen. She recalls Jasmine’s words not to go in front of anyone in India, as her face looks like hers. She has had enough of playing hide-and-seek. She goes to the sadhus and hugs them, which confuses them. Harleen reveals to them that she’s Jasmine’s daughter, which shocks them. She says that her name is Harleen. She complains that the Sandhu’s loved Tejo more than Jasmine and ousted Jasmine.

Rupy says that Harleen doesn’t know what Jasmine did. He says that she deserves what happened to her. Satti stops Rupy from telling the truth to Harleen. Satti asks Harleen to come home one day to have a discussion. Harleen agrees. Nehmat sees Harleen talking with the Sandhus. She doesn’t see her face as her back is facing her. She recognizes her as the girl whom she saw with Ekam and wonders what she’s talking about with her grandparents. She’s about to go to her, but Rama takes Nehmat with her.

Rupy asks Harleen if Jasmine is also here, to which Harleen says no. She says that Jasmine sent her to India alone. Rupy angrily asks how Jasmine could send Harleen to India alone. Satti calms him down by saying not to create any scene in front of Nehmat’s in-laws. Sandhu’s leave. Harleen turns around, pleased that she has met her family. She finds Ekam in front of her. Ekam asks Harleen why she hid from him the fact that she’s Jasmine’s daughter.

Harleen wonders what the big deal is. Ekam says that Jasmine used to trouble Nehmat’s parents and try to separate them. Harleen says that she doesn’t know what her mom did and that she doesn’t like her. She says that even Ekam tried to break Nehmat and Advait’s relationship. Ekam says that the purpose is different. Harleen says that Jasmine has also moved on in her life, forgetting her past like Nehmat, and says that it’s not right to hate her because of her mom. She takes Ekam with her to eat something.

Nehmat inquires as to why they appear concerned and who the girl with whom they were conversing is. She adds that she has seen her with Ekam too. Rupy says that she’s Jasmine’s daughter. Nehmat is shocked to know that Jasmine has another daughter. Naaz thinks that Jasmine sent her daughter from Canada to India and wonders whether she is the trump card that Jasmine talked about. She wonders why she didn’t do anything till now and feels jealous of the increasing popularity of Nehmat and Advait.

Satti says to Nehmat that they will talk about it later, as it’s not the right place. Sandhu’s, take leave. Nehmat wonders if Ekam knew that Harleen is Jasmine’s daughter and wonders if it’s a coincidence that Ekam knew Harleen as Jasmine can never think well of anyone. She decides to talk to Harleen. Veronica gains consciousness. She thinks that Advait is intoxicated. She is determined to expose Advait in front of the media and leaves.

Ekam wants to leave the party, but Harleen insists that he stay. Ekam angrily says that he wants to leave. Harleen asks Ekam if he is affected by Nehmat’s presence. Ekam says yes and leaves. Nehmat goes to Harleen. The latter says to Nehmat that it seems that she was also eager to meet her. She introduces herself to Nehmat as Harleen Ahluwalia. On the other hand, Advait is wondering whether to call Jasmine or tell Shamsher about Harleen. A man informs Advait that Veronica has been spotted in the CCTV camera footage. Someone locked her in a room, but now she has come out of that room. Advait grows anxious after hearing this.

Here, Harleen asks Nehmat if she still loves Ekam. Nehmat asks Harleen why she wants to know this and how she knew Ekam. Harleen says that she will make sure that Nehmat doesn’t exist in Ekam’s life because she’s very stubborn and gets what she wants. Nehmat says that she’s talking exactly like her mom, Jasmine. She asks Harleen if she’s not playing any games with Ekam. Harleen says that she can never hurt Ekam, and Nehmat is hurting him.

She says that she just wants Ekam to move on with his life and be happy. But Nehmat refuses to believe her as her mom, Jasmine, tried to separate Fateh and Tejo and spent her life troubling others. She doubts that Harleen also wants to do the same. Harleen claims she doesn’t care what others think of her. She asks Nehmat to do her a favor by going away from Ekam, as she loves him. Nehmat is shocked to hear this and recalls her moments with him. Harleen asks Nehmat to enjoy her married life with Advait and leave Ekam. She walks away.

Advait goes to Shamsher, tells him that Veronica is here, and asks him to do something before she exposes him. He is scared that Nehmat will create a scene if she spots Veronica at the party. Shamsher assures Advait that he will fail Veronica’s plan to prove that there’s no husband-and-wife relationship between Advait and Nehmat. Shamsher calls the people to attention and announces that Advait and Nehmat are going to become parents, and he is going to become a grandfather, which shocks Nehmat, Advait, and the whole family.

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