Udaariyaan 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam telling Nehmat that he already told her he didn’t want to talk about Harleen. Nehmat gets annoyed, then defends Harleen, saying she sacrificed her love for their love. She further expresses her worry about Harleen from Advait, because the latter won’t spare her. She also says it’s their responsibility to save Harleen from Advait. Ekam tells Advait that Harleen is his wife and that he will not harm her in any way.

Nehmat says it’s just a marriage on paper. If Advait can harm her, then why not Harleen? Ekam says Jasmine is the one who put Harleen in this situation, so let her handle it. Nehmat begs Ekam to do something to protect Harleen. Ekam agrees to inform his subordinate to keep an eye on Harleen to protect her. Here, Jasmine meets the Sandhu family and asks Rupy to punish her for her deeds.

Udaariyaan 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

She then says she became selfish in love, which is why she hid the truth from them. She also says to them that she will do anything to unite Ekam and Advait. She then talks about the Vidai ritual which she prepared for her at her wedding. She asks the Sandhu sisters to perform the ritual with her to forgive her. Rupy recalls Jasmine insulting the same ritual and remains silent. Harleen gets hurt not receiving Sandhu’s response, so she decides to leave the place. Rupy asks her to stop. Harleen obliges.

Advait and Shamsher get shocked to learn it’s Harleen who revealed Advait and Harleen’s marriage truth to the media from Naaz. Advait angrily says that he won’t spare Harleen. Shamsher asks Advait to calm down, saying their PR team is trying hard to prove this information wrong, so in this situation, if he attacks Harleen then definitely Advait will land in huge trouble, so he asks him to let him handle this on his own.

Meanwhile, Rupy forgives Harleen, which makes her happy, and the latter expresses her joy. Rupy further praises Harleen for sacrificing her love for Ekam and Nehmat. Harleen shares her plan with the Sandhus to conduct a huge Holi party through which they can bring Ekam and Nehmat closer.

She also asks Sandhu to keep this secret from Nehmat. They all oblige. Swaroop decides not to believe Harleen because she is Jasmine’s daughter. Shamsher calls Jasmine and confronts her about Harleen’s actions. Jasmine asks him to handle this situation on his own; as a politician, he knows how to handle it right. Advait shouts at Jasmine. Jasmine gets furious and threatens Shamsher. Shamsher scolds Advait and apologizes to Jasmine on behalf of Advait.

Nehmat reaches Kapoor’s mansion and calls Nikhil; when he doesn’t answer, she wonders how to find out whether Advait knows Harleen is behind all this or not. She then decides to call Harleen to check on her. Harleen does shopping with Rupy for Holi and expresses her happiness. She and Rupy then assure Nehmat that she is fine.

Nehmat gets relieved. She then hears the reporter’s conversation, in which she talks about Advait being under house arrest. Ekam also confirms the same to Nehmat. Nehmat gets happy. Advait asks his men to bring his car, and without anyone’s knowledge, he leaves the house to punish Harleen.

Nehmat fails to see Advait and leaves the place. Harleen spends quality time with the Sandhus while preparing for the Holi celebration. She then makes an excuse to make some special arrangements for Ekam and Nehmat and leaves the house. Advait finds Harleen’s house locked.

He thinks Harleen must be in either Ekam’s or Nehmat’s house, so he drives off from there. Nehmat gets tense learning from her grandparents that Harleen went outside without anyone by her side. She gets determined to protect Harleen from Advait, while Advait decides not to spare Harleen.


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