Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nikhil asking Naaz if she has fought with Nehmat. Nehmat claims that she injured her hand, and Naaz started crying after seeing this. Nehmat leaves. Naaz lies to Nikhil and goes to Nehmat. Naaz begs Nehmat to forgive her this time. Nehmat says that she didn’t tell Nikhil the truth because of her oath to Fateh-Tejo. She refuses to forgive Naaz. The latter feels relieved and thinks of plotting against Nehmat.

Advait asks Nehmat to choose a slogan for their political party, as only Nehmat knows what the common people like. Nehmat obliges and chooses a slogan. Advait wraps his hand around Nehmat’s shoulder and thanks her for her help. Advait becomes aware of his actions. He removes his hand and says sorry.

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

He says that he got the slogan idea after seeing her charity work. As they are discussing how to develop their political party, Shamsher and Rama arrive there. Shamsher praises Nehmat for changing Advait. Shamsher asks Advait to take Nehmat with him for the election campaign. Advait agrees. They discuss that. Naaz sees this and gets jealous of Nehmat. Neeru also instigates Naaz.

Naaz receives a screenshot of the message that was sent to Advait by Mallika. Meanwhile, Advait is shocked when he receives a heart emoji message from Mallika. Naaz phones Mallika and asks Mallika to attack nonstop to separate Advait from Nehmat. Naaz smirks and says that Mallika won’t spare Nehmat. Advait and Nehmat are doing the election campaign.

The Kapoors are watching the news live. The reporter says that the winning chances of Kapoor’s party are high because of Nehmat, who is doing the election campaign despite being pregnant. Shamsher praises Nehmat. Naaz receives Mallika’s message and thinks that after Ekam, Advait will also go out of Nehmat’s life. During the election campaign, Advait is shocked to come across Mallika.

Advait and Nehmat hear someone continuously pressing the bike horn. They turn around. They find Ekam and Harleen. Advait removes the flower petals from Nehmat’s hair. Ekam thinks that maybe Nehmat has really moved on in her life. He drives off with Hatleen. Later, Advait and Nehmat dine at Sandhus.Satti is happy to see Nehmat and Advait happy. Advait responds to questions from reporters outside Sandhus’ house.

One reporter asks Advait how there’s so much love between him and Advait after the condition in which they got married. Advait says that this happens when two hearts get connected due to their feelings. Nehmat finds Advait’s actions genuine. Mallika passes by that side in a car. She sees Advait and Nehmat happy. She sends a message to Advait. The latter gets anxious after seeing Mallika’s message.

Rama expresses her joy at seeing Nehmat and Advait happy. She praises Nehmat for attempting to keep her marriage with Advait and for keeping his image. She gives Nehmat a necklace. Nehmat thanks her. Rama kisses her head and leaves. There, the PR manager asks Advait and Shamsher if there’s any secret that could ruin their image before the election.

Advait recalls Harleen’s words and hopes that the truth about Harleen being his first wife and Nehmat being his illegal wife will come out. Nehmat opens the locker to put the necklace in. She’s shocked to find out Advait has a Canadian passport. Advait says to the PR manager that he doesn’t have any such secrets. Shamsher says that he will handle it if there’s anything like that. Shamsher leaves with the PR manager.

Nehmat arrives there with Advait’s Canadian passport. She asks Advait about the same. Meanwhile, Naaz says to Mallika that Advait loves her madly, but now he has started to like Nehmat; she shouldn’t let this happen. Mallika agrees and asks Naaz to help. Naaz agrees.

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Nehmat asks Advait how he can participate in the election in India when he has Canadian citizenship. Advait tells Nehmat not to worry about it; he will handle it. Nehmat asks Advait why he needs Canadian citizenship when he lives in India. Advait keeps receiving calls. He disconnects it and says that he was compelled to get Canadian citizenship when he was sent to Canada by Shamsher.

He assures her that he doesn’t have any intention of settling in Canada, as he wants to live there with Nehmat and serve people. Nehmat wonders whether she should trust Advait or not. Advait admits to making a lot of mistakes in the past. He wishes to rectify them after getting her support and starting a new life with her. After Nehmat leaves, Advait receives a girl’s call. She asks Advait to meet her. Advait says that he will meet her after the election. Advait smirks, thinking that Nhemat finally fell into his trap.


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