Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Harleen meeting Ekam, pretending to come across him coincidentally. She acts as though she’s meeting Sadvik for the first time and asks Ekam to introduce him to her. Ekam becomes irritated and asks her to leave because he hasn’t seen his friend in a long time. However, Sadvik stops Harleen and asks her to join them. Harleen agrees. Harleen and Sadvik dance and Ekam is asked to dance too. Harleen holds Ekam’s hand. But Ekam takes his hand back. He becomes sad when he recalls his moments with Nehmat.

The next day, Nehmat is sitting on the terrace and lamenting, looking at Tejo’s photo frame. She says that she tried to keep her marriage with Advait, but she couldn’t. She refuses to bear the burden of a one-sided relationship after what Advait did, but at the same time, she can’t tell this Rupy. She wonders what to do and asks Tejo to show her a way. Just then, she hears a horn sound and sees Ekam. Nehmat gets scared of Ekam telling Rupy and Satti about Advait’s affair. She goes downstairs.

Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Renuka gives the tiffin to Sadvik and asks him to give it to Ekam, who has left without having breakfast. Harleen watches her hide and thinks of taking the breakfast to Ekam. Renuka asks Sadvik if he talked to Ekam. Sadvik says no but promises to talk to her later. At the Sandhus, the family is happy to see Ekam after a long time. They ask him the reason for his visit. Ekam understands that Nehmat didn’t tell the family the truth.

Ekam lies and claims he has come to assist them in preparation for Lohri. Lovely says that even Nehmat has come to help them for Lohri. Nehmat watches Ekam from afar. She hides when Ekam turns his head to look at that side. Ekam takes leave. Rupy asks Ekam to meet Nehmat. Ekam makes an excuse for his work and leaves. He thinks that no matter how hurt Nehmat is, she won’t make her family sad by telling them the truth.

Nehmat thanks Ekam in her mind for not telling the truth to the family. Rupy and Satti praise Ekam for keeping his distance from Nehmat, knowing that she’s married now. Nehmat watches Ekam leave, standing on the terrace. Ekam senses this and turns, wishing to talk to her about what she decided about Advait. But Nehmat hides Ekam and drives off. The song Mera Ishq Tu is playing in the background. Nehmat says that she knows that Ekam still loves her and cares. She wonders for how long he can love her.

She says that destiny removed her from his life, but time failed to remove her from his heart. Nehmat regrets hurting Ekam and thinks of seeking his forgiveness. Harleen drops marbles in Sadvik’s path. Sadvik falls down and sprains his leg. Harleen arrives and asks Sadvik to go to the hospital with her. Sadvik asks Harleen to give the tiffin box to Ekam.

Harleen becomes happy and leaves. Meanwhile, Nehmat lies to Rupy that she’s going to buy bangles and goes to meet Ekam and apologize to him. Harleen arrives at the police station and asks the constables to register her complaint against Ekam, who skips meals and doesn’t take proper care of himself. The constables agree with her.

Ekam arrives there and asks what’s happening. He gets annoyed at seeing Harleen there. He takes the tiffin career from her and asks her to leave. But Harleen refuses to leave before he has the food. She says that she will also have food along with him, as Renuka packed food for her too. She gets the platters and serves food for Ekam and herself. She feeds food Ekam. Ekam stops Harleen and asks her to have food.

At Kapoor’s house, Shamsher sees Advait having food. He scolds Advait for eating without worrying about Nehmat, who has left the house because of his cheap actions. He says that he has threatened his girlfriend to leave Mogha and warns him to mend his ways or else he will throw him out of Mogha too. He rebukes Advait.

He praises Nehmat for impressing the media and urges Advait to convince Nehmat somehow to bring her back before the Lohri party, which will take place that evening. Advait refuses to apologize to Nehmat and accuses Nehmat of wanting to return to Ekam, making this a big issue. Advait refuses to obey Shamsher and argues with him. Shamsher challenges Advait to prove himself by doing something without his help. Advait agrees and leaves.

In the police station, Ekam feeds water and sweets to Harleen when the latter eats mirchi. Harleen becomes happy when Ekam offers to drop him off. Meanwhile, Advait’s GF phones Advait. She refuses to leave Mogha and threatens to expose their affair in front of the media during Lohri’s party. Advait grows anxious and wonders what to do. He recalls Shamsher’s words to bring Nehmat back home. On the other, Nehmat spots Ekam with a girl (Harleen), whose back is facing her. She wonders who the girl with Ekam is and whether Ekam has truly moved on with his life. 

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