Udaariyaan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Harleen calling Nancy and asking for Mom. Nancy says Madam has gone to a party with your dad. Harleen says you can get anything if you do my ring, but you have to get mom’s passport. Nancy refuses. Harleen says you will get my pearl ring if you do this. Nancy says okay. Harleen says I don’t want to do mom’s work. How cool! She recalls Renuka’s words.

She says Nehmat is Ekam’s past, Advait is Nehmat’s present, and I won’t let Nehmat come back into Ekam’s life. Nehmat sees Advait sleeping. She recalls whatever happened. She believes she should try to improve the relationship. She prays. Ekam sees Harleen making parathas with Renuka. Harleen says I want to learn this. I heard a dialogue: “A man’s heart goes through his tummy.” What does he like? Ekam gets rude and scolds her. Renuka says I will talk to him. Ekam hands back the watch.

Udaariyaan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

He asks, “Why did you give this gift?” He says, “Mom, I know what you are thinking—this can’t happen.” He says I don’t want to hurt you; you said thanks to me for saving your life; thanks for doing this; I helped you; don’t get mistaken because I love someone else. She cries and leaves. A guy Satvik comes there. She collides with him and leaves. Ekam welcomes him. They both had a talk. Satvik asks who that girl was who just left and was crying. Ekam says she is after me. He spills the beans on everything.

He claims she is a fan of his. Satvik says you have a lot of fans; tell me when you and Nehmat are getting married; I was sure and I’m sure you’ll marry Nehmat; did you get married? Ekam says no; we will meet and have dinner, have parathas, and I will go on duty. He leaves. Satvik asks what happened to him. Renuka says Nehmat has ruined his life. Nehmat says I will make dalya. Naaz looks on and wonders what Jasmin is doing.

Naaz calls Jasmin and complains about Nehmat. Jasmin says don’t worry; I have stopped funding the Kapoors and transferred money to Nikhil for his new business. Naaz argues. Jasmin asks her to have patience and see what happens. Renuka says Nehmat spoiled his life; Harleen is lovely; she likes Ekam; and since he got to know that Nehmat’s husband is cheating on her, he wants to tell Nehmat the truth.

Ekam comes to Advait’s house. He thinks of Advait. Renuka says Nehmat isn’t right for Ekam and our house. Harleen comes and looks on. Renuka says Ekam doesn’t understand; talk to him and ask him to move on and start living life. Harleen says he will surely live with me; don’t worry. Satvik says we will bring him out of his sorrow.

Prince says everyone will like the food because you made it with love. Nehmat smiles. Ekam comes. He insists that I speak up because it is critical. She says, “I’m someone’s wife; you can’t come to talk to me; Advait will get ready and come.” Ekam holds her hand and stops her. He says it’s about Advait. She says I’ll take care of it. Harleen asks Satvik to explain to Ekam that if he is heartbroken, he can’t break her heart and that he should forget his pain. Satvik says I will talk to him.

She says she will convince him to spend time with me. He says it’s perfect. She wants to keep Ekam away from Nehmat. Ekam believes it is critical for you to understand that your husband is… Neeru sees them and shouts to call everyone. She taunts him. Ekam says it’s nothing like that. She asks why; didn’t you two love each other? I can’t see your romance. Nehmat asks Ekam to leave. Ekam goes crying. Nehmat cries.

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