Udaariyaan 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Harleen coming to Ekam’s house. She calls him. He disconnects. Harleen shows the gift to Renuka. Renuka sees the watch and says this wasn’t needed. Harleen says I noticed his broken watch, it wasn’t looking nice, so I got the same watch. Renuka says he won’t wear this, he has many watches, and he wears that broken watch only. Harleen says it’s the limited edition, I got this watch by difficulty, and I went to Bangalore to get this watch, but I didn’t get it at the shop.

She recalls going after the lady and asking her to give the watch. She asks the lady to gift the expensive watch to her husband. She says my friend is obsessed with this watch. She takes the watch from the lady and thanks her. FB ends. Renuka asks did you go there for this watch. Harleen says yes. Mallika thinks she is obsessed with Ekam. Advait asks Nehmat to speed up. She stops the car and gets down. Advait goes to her. He asks what’s your problem? She asks what do you think of yourself? She scolds him.

Udaariyaan 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

He asks who are you to question me. She says your wife. He raises his hand to slap her. Ekam holds his hand. Ekam and Advait argue. Ekam says she is your wife, not your servant, I m your bodyguard, but don’t forget, I m an ASP, if I want, then you will go to jail for domestic violence. Harleen says Ekam is my hero, I can buy a time machine for him. Mallika says you can buy anything for them, he is not going to wear any expensive watch but only that broken watch.

Harleen asks what’s so special in it. Mallika says Nehmat gifted it to him, she is his childhood love. Harleen says sorry, I don’t understand. Renuka says Nehmat ruined his life. Harleen asks where is she now. Renuka says in her Sasural, she married Advait Kapoor, she is a liar, and she is still after Ekam. Harleen recalls Ekam and Nehmat. She leaves and thinks Ekam loves Nehmat. Nehmat says its okay, I know to fight my battle, whoever wants to go home can sit in the car, else can book a cab and come. Ekam and Advait go and sit.

Harleen recalls Jasmin’s words. She says Advait is married to Nehmat, he is married to me legally, Ekam loves Nehmat, I love Ekam, I can’t lose him so easily, I want him to just love me. Ekam sees the watch and recalls Nehmat. Renuka comes and says you got so busy at work, you have no time for me. He says sorry and hugs her. She says it’s time to change this.

He says sometimes it takes time. She asks why are you taking time in forgetting her. He says I m responsible for this, Nehmat isn’t happy in the marriage, she had no affair with Advait, and those pics were fake. She asks why did she marry him, she married by her wish, come out of this and hold any nice girl’s hand. He says please not now. She says see this, Harleen got this for you. He sees the same watch.

The driver comes to Harleen and says you aren’t answering your mummy’s call. Jasmin asks what’s this, why aren’t you answering my call, what is going on. Harleen says I can’t tell her about Ekam. Jasmin asks did you do my work. Harleen says I will do it soon, I was busy. Jasmin says I told you, it’s imp work, we have to break their marriage because you are the legal wife. Ekam says Advait is cheating Nehmat, he has an affair.

Renuka says the wife is also responsible for the husband’s affair. Ekam asks are you saying this. She says elders used to say this, it’s a wife’s responsibility to keep her husband with her. Ekam asks her to change her thinking. He says I couldn’t understand Nehmat, I won’t let her burn in that fire. She says you won’t do anything, she got married. He says no mom, I will do anything to fix her shattered life.

Harleen says I m trying to meet them, what shall I do. Jasmin says you have to get time for this, don’t say you have to stay there, what’s there to see, tell me if there is anything else. Harleen thinks I can’t tell you the truth, you will never understand this. She says I will do your work. She ends the call and says if I show the marriage certificate, then Nehmat will get free and go to Ekam, this can’t happen.

Ekam doesn’t know how much I love him. She gets an idea. Ekam says I know Nehmat and I can’t unite but I can save her from that torture. Renuka asks what will you do? He says I will tell her about Advait’s truth. Renuka asks did you go mad, how can you break into her house? Ekam says I can tell her the truth, as a friend, she can decide what she wants to do, it’s my duty, that’s it.

Nehmat cries and recalls Ekam. She says Ekam would be hurt seeing all this, I can’t see him getting ashamed, I have to do something to make him away from Advait and my life. Harleen thinks this certificate can bring Nehmat and Ekam together, I won’t let this happen. She burns the certificate. She says I will never let Ekam go to Nehmat, he is just my hero. She smiles.

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