Udaariyaan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shamsher instructing his goons over the phone to find Nehmat at any cost. Advait tells Shamsher that they gave Nehmat a strong sedative so she wouldn’t have traveled a long distance. Rama says that Nehmat might have fainted somewhere on her way. Shamsher says that Nehmat can go either to Ekam’s house or her grandparents’ house. He says that he knows what to do now.

Sandhus are surprised when someone knocks late at night on their door. Sandhus opens the door and is surprised to find Naaz and Nikhil. Rupy asks them what they are doing here. Naaz asks Rupy if they’re fine. Meanwhile, Ekam and Nehmat have arrived at Sandhus’ residence. He sees Kapoor’s car being parked in front of the Sandhus’ house. He notices that the Kapoors have arrived at the Sandhus’ home in search of Nehmat.

Udaariyaan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He decides to wait until they leave. Naaz says to Rupy that Rama had a nightmare about Sandhus and urged them to go check if they’re fine. Rupy assures them that they’re fine. Nikhil and Naaz take leave. From a distance, Ekam observes Naaz and Nikhil driving away. He is sure that they would have come searching for Nehmat.

Sandhus is happy that Nehmat’s in-laws care so much about them. Someone else is knocking on the door. They go to see who has come now. They are astounded to find Ekam holding an injured and unconscious Nehmat in his arms. They get worried about Nehmat and ask Ekam what happened to Nehmat. Ekam takes Nehmat inside and makes her lie on the sofa.

Satti urges Ekam to say what happened to Nehmat. Ekam says that he found Nehmat lying unconscious by the side of the highway, which shocks Sandhus. Rupy asks how Nehmat reached there. He asks if Advait is fine and if their car met with an accident. Swaroop requests that Rupy call Advait and inquire about his well-being. Rupy is about to call Advait, but Ekam stops him.

Swaroop scolds Ekam and blames him for ruining Nehmat’s life. Ekam reveals that the Kapoors are responsible for Nehmat’s condition. Sandhus is taken aback by this news. Ekam asks why Naaz and Nikhil have come. Satti says that Rama had a nightmare about them, so they have to check if they are fine. Ekam says that it’s a lie. They keep lying to hide their lies.

He says that they have come to find out if Nehmat has come here. He asks the Sandhus to call the Kapoors and tell them that Nehmat is alive despite their attempts to kill her, which shocks the family. Satti cries and asks Nehmat to open her eyes. Rupy is about to call the doctor. Nehmat gains consciousness and holds Rupy’s hand. She cries.

Satti comforts Nehmat, who is in tears. Swaroop asks Rupy to call the Kapoors and ask what happened. Nehmat gets scared and asks them not to call the Kapoors. She refuses to return to them and says that they will kill her. Nehmat cries hard and faints. The family is shocked to hear this. Ekam says that he won’t let anything happen to Nehmat. He says to Rupy that she needs his love now and asks him to take care of her. He adds that once she regains consciousness, she will tell him what happened.

Advait phones the police to find out if Ekam is in the station. He learns that Ekan went to catch a drug dealer, but he isn’t at the police station. Advait wonders where Nehmat could have gone. He’s wondering if she’s dead. Shamsher says that they’re finished in that case. He asks what they will tell people. Advait says that they can lie and say that the other political party has kidnapped Nehmat. Rama asks Advait and Shamsher to stop their lies. Shamsher says that Rama is right. He says that they should wait until the morning.

Nehmat gains consciousness. She sees Ekam sleeping in the sitting position. She recalls Ekam rescuing her the previous night. She wonders how he will pay back all his favors. She tries to take the glass from the night table. The glass falls, which wakes up Ekam, Rupy, and Satti. Rupy and Satti ask Nehmat what happened to her. Nehmat breaks down in tears. She says that Advait kidnapped her, which shocks the family.

At the Kapoors’ house, Shamsher says to the family that he has organized a press conference and Advait is going to address the press. Nikhil asks if Nehmat has also returned with Advait. Advait arrives there and says that she will return later, as her treatment is going well. They all leave to attend the press conference. Neeru says to Naaz that something is fishy. Here, Satti asks Nehmat how Advait can kidnap her as he is her husband.

Ekam says that Advait could do it. Rupy asks Nehmat to tell him what happened. Nehmat says that she went to the farmhouse to meet Advait, but he was with another girl. Ekam asks who that girl was. Nehmat doesn’t reveal that it was Mallika. She says that it doesn’t matter, but what matters is that Advait cheated on her a second time, which shocks Rupy and Satti.

Ekam tells Nehmat about spotting Advait with another girl earlier. Satti asks Nehmat why she hid it from them. Nehmat says that she wanted to tell them, but Advait apologised to her and asked for a second chance. She says that she thought that Advait would change, but a man like Advait can never change. She claims that Advait assaulted her in the farmhouse after she requested a divorce from him in order to save his image.

He says that their fight led to the farmhouse catching fire. She further adds that to hide this, Advait kidnapped her from the hospital and kept her in the Kapoors’ basement, even trying to kill her. Satti says that Nehmat went through a lot, so she had a miscarriage. Nehmat says no. She says that she isn’t pregnant, and it was a lie told by them, which shocks Sandhus and Ekam.


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