Udaariyaan 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nehmat and Ekam hugging. Nehmat realizes this and pushes Ekam away. She says that she’s married now and this is wrong. Ekam says that they love each other and that what happened to Nehmat is wrong and he blames himself for that. Ekam wishes that Nehmat could have convinced him the other day. Ekam cups Nehmat’s face and declares his love for her. He cries and says that he can’t live without her.

Nehmat also cries and says that she’s not able to live either without him. Nehmat hugs Ekam. She says that she loves him. Ekam replies with” I love you too”. He promises Nehmat that hereafter no none can come between them. Ekam kisses Nehmat’s forehead. It all turns out to be Ekam’s dream. Ekam looks at Nehmat and finds her asleep on the couch. Ekam moves towards Nehmat. He sits near her. He is about to caress her hair, but he stops himself. Advait watches this on the computer screen and is disappointed. Ekam takes a blanket and covers Nehmat with it.

Udaariyaan 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Harleen is shopping in Bangalore. She tries to find the same model watch that Ekam has. The staff says that there was only one piece of this model left and a lady had just bought it. Harleen argues with the staff and asks him to give her the lady’s address. She offers him to pay five lahks. Here, Advait is dejected that Ekam isn’t getting closer to Nehmat and wonders whether he learned about his plan.

Ekam wonders why Advait hasn’t returned yet. He is certain that Advait would have gone to his GF. Advait’s GF praises Ekam and Nehmat’s love and says that it’s true love, so what he expects won’t happen. She asks him to come and spend time with her. Advait gets furious. He refuses to let his plan as he wants to get rid of Nehmat at any cost. He calls the servant and gives some instructions.

Ekam is shocked to find a snake inside the room. Advait’s GF is shocked to see this on the screen and asks Advait if he has planned it. Advait replies yes. She says that it’s dangerous and the snake could bite any one of them, but Advait doesn’t care about it. Ekam wakes Nehmat up. He shows Nehmat the snake. Nehmat gets scared. Ekam lifts Nehmat and takes her away from the couch. He lifts the snake and throws it out through the window.

Nehmat hugs Ekam out of fear. Advait is happy to see it but gets upset as his plan fails again. His GF says to Advait that what he expects can never happen as their love is pure, which angers Advait. Nehmat thanks Advait and apologizes for hugging him. Ekam says that she should thank Advait as he ordered him to take care of her.  Ekam thinks in mind that he won’t let anything happen to her till he is alive. Nehmat thinks that their friendship is still alive.

There, Advait GF defends Ekam and Nehmat’s love and says that they both have respect for each other so they can do what he expects. Advait is angry and refuses to believe that there can’t be an affair between two ex-lovers in such an opportunity and doubts that they may know about his plan. His GF says that Nehmat wouldn’t have agreed to come to the farmhouse with him if he knew this. Here, Ekam and Nehmat are sitting near the fire. Ekam cares for Nehmat and puts a blanket around her shoulder.

Advait returns to the farmhouse and asks Nehmat to pack her bag to go home, as he has canceled his plan. Nehmat says that his work is important. Advait scolds Nehmat and leaves. Later, Advait gets angry when there’s no driver. He refuses to drive the car as he has a headache. Ekam suggests driving the car. Advait taunts Ekam about being ready to become a driver for his ex-girlfriend.

Nehmat stops Ekam and says that she will drive the car. She asks Ekam to sit in the back seat as her husband will sit with her in the front. Advait asks Nehmat if she cares so much for Ekam, and why she can’t let him sit next to her. Nehmat asks Ekam not to stoop so low. She says that he seems disturbed. It seems some of his work hasn’t been done. She asks him not to let out his frustration on others as it doesn’t suit his personality.

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