Udaariyaan 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam apologizing to Advait for coming late. He is about to sit in the front seat of the car. Advait asks Ekam to sit behind him. Ekam sees Nehmat sitting in the back seat. He says that his job is to sit in front and not behind. Advait says that he is his boss, so he will decide where he should sit.

Advait sits in front sit. Ekam sits behind the car without any option. Ekam and Nehmat look at each other, recalling their moments. Nehmat falls on Ekam when the car passes on a speed break. Advait smirks. Nehmat looks at the other side and wipes her tears. Advait, Ekam, and Nehmat reach the farmhouse. Nehmat finds the farmhouse very far from the city.

Udaariyaan 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Advait side hugs Nehmat and says that they didn’t go on their honeymoon, so they can use this occasion. Ekam reminds him that they have come here for political reasons, and not for personal reasons. They have come here as this place is safe for him as he has a lot of enemies. Advait says that he doesn’t need to worry about his enemies when Ekam is there as he can protect them. Advait says that the place is beautiful and it’s the best location for couples. He kisses Nehmat. Nehmat makes faces. Ekam turns his eyes away. Ekam walks away.

Ekam hurts himself, recalling Advait with his GF and his conversation with Shamsher. He feels guilty that Nehmat has to marry Advait because of him. He says that Nehmat doesn’t even know that he is in an affair with someone. He refuses to let Nehmat get wronged. Advait makes an excuse for work and gets ready to leave. Nehmat wants to accompany him.

Advait asks her to stay there. She says that she’s scared of being alone. However, Advait asks Nehmat to rest and leaves. Advait is about to leave. Ekam asks where they’re going. Advait says that he is going alone. Ekam wants to accompany him. He says that he can even wait outside if he wants, like the other day. But Advait orders Ekam to stay and take care of Nehmat, who is alone as the weather is bad. He drives off.

Satti and Rupy worry about Nehmat. Satti says that she can’t see Nehmat in pain and prays to God for Nehmat. Satti bursts into tears. Rupy hugs Satti and consoles her. In the farmhouse, Nehmat tries to close the window as there is a storm. She notices that the window is broken. Ekam arrives there to make sure that Nehmat is fine. Nehmat says to Ekam that he should have gone with Advait. Ekam says that he wanted to, but Advait asked him to stay here and look after her.

Nehmat calls the servant and asks him to fix the broken windows as it’s too cold there. The servant says that it will take two days. Ekam hears this. Nehmat sits in the armchair rubbing her hands. Ekam sees this and leaves. On the other hand, Advait is watching this through the spy camera with his GF. Veronica asks Advait if his plan will work, as Nehmat sent Ekam away. Advait asks her to wait to create the atmosphere. He phones the servant and instructs him to give Ekam and Nehmat spiked tea.

Ekam sees Nehmat through the window and recalls a FB in which Ekam hugs Nehmat, who is unable to bear the coldness to make her feel warm. Ekam closes the window. The servant offers tea to Nehmat and asks where Ekam is. Ekam arrives there with a bucket and some wood. He lights the fire. The servant leaves. Advait and his GF watch this. GF asks if Ekam and Nehmat will come closer. Advait is certain that they will and the weather is also in their favor.

On the other hand, Shamsher is unable to contact Advait and tells the same to Rama. Rama says that he will call Nehmat. Shamsher refuses as he wants Advait and Nehmat to spend time together. He is happy that Advait wants to take Nehmat along with him and hopes that he will realize Nehmat’s worth. Rama worries about Advait and Nehmat as the farmhouse is far from here and the weather is also bad.

Here, Nehmat offers tea to Ekam. Advait is happy to see this. Ekam and Nehmat sip their tea, recalling their recent conversation. Nehmat gets teary eyes and goes and stands near the window. Ekam also cries. He goes to Nehmat and places his hand on Nehmat’s shoulder. Nehmat turns around. Ekam wipes her tears and they hug.

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