Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Angad placing money in Sahiba’s hand for breaking her earthen pot and leaves. Sahiba gets shocked. Veer apologizes to Sahiba. He notices her pot and praises her art. Sahiba asks him to stop fooling her with his acting. Veer says he is not acting. Sahiba says he is showing off his money and you’re pretending to be good by praising the art.

Veer says he is really praising her work. Sahiba says that you should first know to value. Veer apologizes to her from Angad’s side. Sahiba doesn’t listen. Angad enquires where is the big gate. The shop owner mocks Angad for breaking the earthen pot. Angad says I have paid her more money than it cost and let it be I will find out the way. Angad enquires another person about the big gate and gets to know he came in the wrong way.

Sahiba confronts Angad. Angad says I realized you want more money. He gives more money to Sahiba for her loss. Sahiba returns the money and says money won’t work everywhere and demands an apology from him. Veer asks Angad to apologize to her. Angad says it was just a pot and I paid her the cost. Sahiba says you don’t have the heart to understand art. Angad refuses to apologize. The shop owner covers Angad and tells him that he can’t leave without apologizing to Sahiba.

Angad says he will make them get arrested. Sahiba says she will break his car. Veer makes Angad realize his mistake. Angad says sorry. Sahiba stops herself from breaking the car hearing his apology. She asks him to say loudly. Angad says sorry to her. Sahiba says he apologized to me to save the car. Angad notices the car has a scratch. He takes a rod and breaks his car and says there is no place for imperfect things in his life.

He asks Veer to call another car. Sahiba says money won’t work everywhere. Angad says money works everywhere. Sahiba says pray God that you won’t ever have any work with me. On another side, Garry takes the worker’s phone and calls Aman Dhillon and tells him that function he is waiting for is not going to happen and he can’t participate in it.

Aman asks how to trust him. Garry says it’s trusted info and disconnects the call. Jasleen mocks Manveer. Bebe asks Jasleen to stop. Jasleen says Angad disappointed dad and that’s why Dad didn’t even eat food. Bebe says how you forget your dad to eat Kadha prasad first. Jasleen goes to her dad and tries to tell him that Angad is not perfect.

Akaal says Angad raised the business in these 5 years and he will set everything and my grandson achieved the success that my son didn’t achieve. Jasleen says you could have given me a chance I could have taken our family business to a greater height but for you sons are perfect not daughters. Bebe warns Jasleen to stop. Akaal says to leave her as she doesn’t have control over her tongue and respect for relationships.

He asks Manveer to call Angad and hopes he won’t break my trust. Will he? He leaves. Bebe asks Manveer to call Angad. Manveer calls him but he doesn’t attend the call. Angad and Veer reach Sahiba’s shop. Veer gets impressed seeing the art. He shows the photo to Sahiba’s helper and asks if can they decorate in that way. He says it’s possible and shows the art. Veer asks who has done it. He says, Sahiba. Sahiba comes there.

Angad comes there and realizes Sahiba is an artist. He says he will search for another artist. Veer reminds him they don’t have time. Santosh calls Sahiba and requests her to arrange passes. Sahiba promises her that she tries to arrange the passes and disconnects the call. Keerat mocks Seerat. Santosh beats her. Keerat says it affects her not her. She shows her Seerat eating a donut. Santosh stops Seerat and asks her to eat salad for the glow. Seerat says she doesn’t feel they will get passes. Santosh says she trusts Sahiba.

Veer tells Sahiba that they need a traditional artist to do the work at their function and shows her the photo. Sahiba says I’m specialized in this artwork but I won’t do it as your brother can’t afford it. Angad asks how much money she needs. Sahiba asks him to say please. Veer says please and if there are no prayers to meet then the brars function will get canceled. Sahina realizes they are the Brar family. Veer request Sahiba. Angad offers no limit money card. Sahiba says I don’t take the money and asks them for 2 entry pass to the function.

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