Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Seerat refusing to acknowledge Sahiba as her sister. Seerat says Angad not to spoil this occasion because of some people. Angad agrees and asks Seerat if she is alright. Seerat says she is fine. Santosh also acts as if she doesn’t recognize Sahiba, and she asks Sahiba to leave. Seerat asks Sahiba to leave. Gurleen comes to Sahiba and asks her to leave politely.

Veer says this drama is not because of Sahiba. Kiara calls security to throw Sahiba out. Sahiba says there is no need and leaves there. Kirat says to Santosh that she didn’t do the right thing with Sahiba. Santosh asks Kirat to shut up. Seerat appears to be in pain. Angad asks Seerat if she is OK. Veer’s mother says to Manveer that Angad is looking differently.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Angad asks Pam to bring him an ice pack from his room. Seerat says she can’t walk. He asked her permission to carry her after becoming enraged at seeing her. Seerat agrees. Angad carries Seerat in his arms. Santosh praises Seerat for her thinking. Garry asks Kiara, who is she? Kiara says she doesn’t know. Jasleen says she never saw Angad be interested in a girl like this.

Sahiba wanders the streets in anguish, recalls what happened, and has tears in her eyes as her own family didn’t recognize her. Kirat comes and consoles Sahiba. Kirat questions Sahiba about why she didn’t tell anyone about Seerat being her sister. Sahiba asks Kirat how she can do that and reminds her how Santosh and Seerat looked at that time. Kirat reminds Sahiba of what she did for Seerat for this function and asks Sahiba to not be this nice. Sahiba comments on it and asks Kirat to go take care of Santosh and Seerat.

Pam brings an ice pack to Seerat and applies it to her in Angad’s room. Angad calls for the doctor to come soon. Seerat shouts in pain. Angad says he will do it and asks Pam to leave. Pam agrees and leaves from there. Angad applies an ice pack to Seerat. Angad says the doctor will come in a few minutes. Seerat says there is no need for that as he is taking care of her. Santosh sees all this while hiding from them. Angad helps Seerat get up from the bed, but she slips, and Angad catches her. Garry sees this from the window.

Kirat collides with Veer, who is talking on the phone. Veer says to Kirat that he should be careful. Kirat takes off her hood and says that she is a woman. Veer praises her strength. Kirat takes out her frustration on Veer, saying he will never understand the concept of hard work, and helps him get up. Veer asks Kirat if she saw Sahiba. Kirat says she left. Veer feels guilty about what happened and prays to God. Kirat asks Veer why there isn’t anything normal to eat. Veer says they will do it next time. Kirat thinks to herself that she will never come here next time.

Angad says to Seerat that she is dancing really well. Seerat says she would have completed the dance. Angad continues if Sahiba doesn’t stop her. Angad gets a call and goes to take it. Kiara comes and asks Seerat how she is. Seerat says she is fine. Kiara asks Seerat about the dress. Seerat makes up a lie, saying it is done by a famous fashion designer, Sahiba. Kiara asks Seerat who the other girl is, i.e., with her. Seerat says it is her bodyguard. Kiara leaves from there. Manveer asks Santosh, “Who is she and why is she looking into Angad’s room sneakily?”

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