Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Santosh telling Manbeer that they decorated very well for the pre-engagement ceremony and asking Manbeer to decide on the marriage date as well. Manbeer comments on it. Manbeer reminds her that when Seerat came late yesterday, she asked them to wait, and they waited for Seerat just like she has to wait when they ask for her.

Manbeer tells Santosh that they will marry Angad and Seerat after a year. Jabjyot and Akaal inform Santosh that it is their family custom to marry one year after the pre-engagement ceremony. Sudha takes Santosh aside and asks Santosh how she can keep up the lie that they are rich for one year. Jaspal and Gurleen praise Jabjyot and Akaal’s idea to marry after one year so that Angad and Seerat will get to know each other better.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Santosh falls unconscious. The Mongas and Brars worry about Santosh. Ajith calls Sahiba and says to Sahiba that Santosh has fallen unconscious, and they have to call Dr. Sandhu as he treats Santosh. Sahiba agrees and says she will also come inside with the doctor. Ajith doesn’t agree, but Sahiba says she will think of a way.

Angad tells Veer to go and tell the security to allow the doctor to come inside, as the security doesn’t know about the doctor. Veer agrees. Sahiba brings the doctor to the Brar mansion and asks the doctor to go inside. Dr. Sandhu asks why they are not coming with him. Sahiba makes up a reason for it. Kirat inquires of Sahiba as to how they may enter. Sahiba sees caterers using masks and gloves. Sahiba, seeing this, disguises herself and Kirat as the caterers.

Dr. Sandhu asks everyone to go outside as he is going to treat Santosh. Sahiba, while talking to Ajith, runs into Angad. Sahiba hides from Angad, and as Angad leaves, Sahiba says to Ajith that arrogant Angad passed by her. Angad comes back and asks Sahiba, “Who are they?” Kirat says they are caterers. Angad asks Kirat how she can talk badly about him.

Kirat says Sahiba’s brother’s name is also Angad. The caterer comes and asks Sahiba what they are doing here. He asks them to do so and serve the guests. Angad stops them from leaving and asks Sahiba why she is always holding her mask. Kirat makes up a reason for it. Angad leaves from there. Sahiba asks Kirat how she can lie so easily. Kirat comments on it. Sahiba and Kirat leave there.

Ajith and Sudha talk about Sahiba and Kirat coming to the Brar mansion. Dr. Sandhu asks them to leave, as he needs to treat Santosh. Angad says to Seerat that there is no need to worry as he told the driver to be on standby to take Santosh to the hospital. Jabjyot asks Ajith what happened, as Santosh has suddenly fallen unconscious. Ajith says to the Brars that Santosh has hypertension. Angad asks Veer to go and check if the driver is there or not.

Sahiba and Kirat should come and see that the Brars are right outside the door. Sahiba calls Ajith and asks him to send the Brars away so that they can come inside. Angad asks Ajith why he’s looking worried. Ajith asks the Brars to go and take care of the guests, and they will inform them if anything happens. The Brars agree and go to take care of the guests. Angad, while leaving, sees Sahiba and Kirat disguised as caterers.


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