Teri meri doriyaann 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri meri doriyaann 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Angad feeding the food to Sahiba forcefully. Sahiba says she will not eat the food. Angad asks Sahiba if she wants to show the world that they are keeping her starving. Angad makes Sahiba forcefully eat the food. Jabjyot stops Angad and asks Angad what he is doing. Sahiba says if this situation were under different circumstances, then she would have given a befitting reply to him, and she says her family’s mistakes are shackling her. She says if her shackles broke, he would see what she is capable of. Sahiba leaves there.

Sahiba comes to her room and cries to herself. Sahiba recalls Ajith’s words and prays to God to give her the courage to withstand all the problems that are coming in this house and give a befitting reply to those problems. The next day, Gurleen knocks on Sahiba’s door. Sahiba opens the door. Veer and Gurleen enter Sahiba’s room with her permission. Gurleen says to Sahiba that she came to inform her that she has to do the Kanak Deni ritual with Angad.

Sahiba asks Gurleen about the Kanak Deni ritual and talks about its importance, saying that according to this ritual, the husband promises his wife that she is very important to him and that from today on, it is his responsibility to take care of her. Sahiba reminds Gurleen of how things are between Angad and Sahiba and asks Gurleen if they still want to do this ritual. Gurleen says this ritual is very important to Akaal and asks Sahiba to do it.

Sahiba comes to take Jabjyot’s blessings. Jabjyot raises her hand but doesn’t bless Sahiba. Sahiba leaves there. Hansraj and Prabjyot comment on Sahiba. Gurleen reminds Hansraj and Prabjyot that no matter what happened in the past, right now Sahiba is this house’s daughter-in-law. Gurleen says to Hansraj and Prabjyot that it is better for them to accept it. Manveer also comments on Sahiba. Jasleen also says Sahiba didn’t bring any clothes. Jasleen says to Sahiba that she can have a new dress and some jewelry. Manveer says just because Sahiba wears some dresses, it won’t change her standard.

Gurleen asks Angad if he is going to the showroom. Angad says yes. Gurleen says to Angad that he has to do a small ritual. Jabjyot says to Angad that by doing this ritual he will take responsibility for his wife. Angad says he would do this ritual for his wife, but he doesn’t accept Sahiba as his wife. Gurleen says to Angad that just because he doesn’t accept it will not change the fact that Sahiba is his wife.

Angad says he will not take up the responsibility of Sahiba. Akaal asks Angad to do the ritual. Angered at seeing this, he says he can give these things as charity. Sahiba recalls Angad’s behavior and says she will not accept these things. Sahiba says she is capable of taking care of herself and will not accept Angad’s charity. Gurleen asks Sahiba to take it. Sahiba says no.

Ajith asks Santosh if she cooked these things. Kirat says she cooked them and made tea for him. Ajith asks Kirat, “Why did she make these things? Kirat reminds Ajith that she gave her word to Sahiba that she would take care of everyone in the house. Ajith sees Santosh preparing to leave and asks Santosh, “Where is she going? Santosh says she is going to the Brars.

Sahiba says until now she has never taken any charity nor begged anyone. Sahiba says she is an artist, and for her, her self-respect is more important than anything, so she tells Angad she will not accept his charity.


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