Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kirat asking Sahiba to attend the party in place of her. Sahiba asks why. Kirat says mom is too much but she is our mother after all and if anyone says anything to her then I will break their jaws. Sahiba says that’s why I sent you and you must remember 2 things, one is to take care of Seerat and Mom and the second one is to you must tell me all interesting stories.

Kirat says if you’re interested in stories then attend this party. Sahiba says no, I want to listen to it from you and I know you can handle mom’s over-excitement. Kirat agrees and goes inside. Sahiba is about to leave. Veer stops her calling her a heart. Sahiba asks what’s is heartist.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Santosh and Seerat feel happy seeing the inside view of the party. Santosh spots Angad and asks Seerat if she knows him. Seerat says he is the elder grandson of Brar’s. Santosh asks her to talk to Angad. Seerat goes toward him. Santosh dreams of Angad holding Seerat and is lost in her beauty. Santosh comes out of her imagination and sees Angad doesn’t pay any attention to Seerat.

Seerat gets angry when Angad doesn’t even see her face. Veer tells Sahiba that her artwork touched his heart and others that’s why calling her an heartist. Sahiba thanks him for giving her an opportunity. She says you’re an artiste too. Veer asks how. Sahiba praises his voice and tells him his song helped her to decorate the room beautifully. Veer thanks her. He requests Sahiba to attend the party. Sahiba recalls Angad’s humiliation and says she won’t come. Veer insists she comes then Sahiba agrees. Veer takes her inside.

Santosh stops Seerat and asks her why she is leaving. Seerat says it’s the first time someone didn’t notice me and this dress is wrong. Kirat mocks her. Santosh says the dress is good and you’re looking like an angel and once Angad sees you then he can’t take off his eyes so smile. Seerat smiles and goes to attend the party.

Veer and Sahiba share their views about art. Brar’s family event gets started. Kiara calls her grandparents to the stage. Akaal and Jabjyot go to the stage. Akaal gives his speech about marriage. Hansraj says Akaal is an inspiration and these days marriage doesn’t last long. Jasleen feels he is mocking her and tries to mock him. Hansraj answers her back.

Pravjyot stops them. The reporter asks what’s the secret of a 55-year relationship. Akaal says his family is the reason. The reporter asks why his elder son Inder stays away from family functions. Akaal recalls how Inder goes against him when he warned him to leave his hockey.

Jaspal thinks this question will hurt dad. Angad requests his dad to attend the party. Akaal says Angad is the pride of their family and calls him to the stage. Jasleen gets angry. Inder refuses to attend the party and he asks Angad to leave. Santosh and her daughters sit in the front line. Mrs. Balla praises the decoration. Veer and Sahiba hear it.

Veer says he will make her meet them. Kiara takes credit for Sahiba’s work. Veer gets angry. Sahiba asks him to leave it. Veer asks if she is not getting angry as Kiara is taking your credit. Sahiba says credit can be taken not talent and I’m happy with your family’s appreciation. Veer smiles.

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