Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with word fights between Chandrika and Veer. When she reminds her of all their cruel past, Veer doesn’t listen to her and keeps saying he wants Kavya. Meanwhile, when Armaan comes, he is asked to keep this land safe, as its inhabitants are innocent.

Chandrika describes how tactfully she saved this town from the wrath of those werewolves. Veer can’t control his emotions. Veer and Armaan discuss the history, including how werewolves were killed or imprisoned. Chandrika is reluctant to free Kavya, as this will be dangerous for the inhabitants of the land.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ahead, Chandrika fires up a circle and burns out that locket in that fire. After a few minutes, Mahek gets her life back, but then Veer attacks her, so she loses her sense. Armaan helps Mahek get her life back. Malini and Sham converse with each other gleefully; they seem happy with each other. When Malini returns home, Vihaan finds some old things. Laksh reaches home of Cherry. Laksh apologizes for his morning behavior. Laksh expresses how wonderfully he spent that night, and he adds that he cares for her as a friend, not romantically.

Armaan makes Veer understand how treacherous Kavya was. He reminds Veer of her villainous character. Veer seems disappointed and frustrated; he expresses how tremendously he falls for Kavya. Here, Mahek, having the wound, seems weaker, and Isha tries to console her. Meanwhile, Armaan comes, and he is asked whether there is any chance of Mahek’s transformation into a wolf, but Armaan assures that she won’t transform. Isha wants to open up the whole incident to Mahek.

Isha apologizes to Armaan and asks him to stay with her because she is upset. But this time, Armaan declines this relationship, as this proximity will always damage the happiness of other inhabitants. Isha, with folded hands, requests Armaan not to leave this land. But Armaan doesn’t want to change his decision.

Malini reminds her of her relationship with Anand and how he brutally betrayed her. Meanwhile, Anand reaches out to her, but Malini refuses to let him in. When he is asked to get lost, Anand proceeds down the road. But along the way, he meets a random girl, whom he kills to suck her blood. Veer suffers from huge angst and pain over his past love story with Kavya. He screams out to release his pain.

Isha seems amazed as Vihaan continues his search for some documents for the research. In the morning, Malini opens up about her stressful night, as that journalist Anand came there. Isha tries to cheer her up. Here, Veer wants to go to another town, but Armaan doesn’t. Veer forces him to go somewhere for vacation, but Armaan seems unwilling to go. Maya appears at the door of their home and searches for Veer. Veer is informed of the details of the incidents from last night’s murder. Veer couldn’t understand who could murder a human being by sucking blood.

Maya asks Veer for a solution. Maya leaves, saying if he gets any information about the murder, he should inform the police. Veer nods his head. Armaan is skeptical that Veer killed him. But Veer confirms that he didn’t kill anyone last night. They both doubt if anyone else—a werewolf—has come there. einsteinerupload of.

Then Isha is asked about Armaan, but Isha says she doesn’t have any information about Armaan. Isha says Armaan might leave this town without even informing her. Armaan reaches there and asks Isha to come with him. Veer requests that Cherry bring the compass so that they can look for werewolves, and Cherry obliges.

The mayor and Maya talk about the murder. Maya says how they will stay safe from the hands of werewolves. Maya suggests keeping the inhabitants together. Here, Vihaan notices in the college that Mahir painted a doodle of a werewolf. When they converse with each other, the conversation gets fired up, and starts fighting. The mayor stops them and then asks them again to start fighting like knights. But Samir mocks the mayor’s decision. The mayor threatens Samir’s job and advises him to be cautious going forward. Armaan opens up the murder incident to Isha about the last night. Armaan says he won’t leave the town now.


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