Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Veer telling Armaan that he is the one who turned him into a wolf and that he used to say that they have a fifty-fifty split on everything. Armaan advises Veer not to punish innocents just because he has been wronged. Veer challenges Armaan, saying that the latter can never defeat him. He also says that he will surely snatch Eisha from him and leave.

Armaan gets determined to protect Eisha from Veer. On the other side, Mehek expresses her suspicions to Eisha about Armaan’s behavior. Eisha suggests to Mehek that they can spend time together to clear her doubts about Armaan. Mehek receives a call, so she leaves. Armaan comes to meet Eisha. He tells her that he wants to tell her so much about his past.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He then tells her about his relationship with Veer and Kavya and shares his worry about Eisha getting into trouble because of him. Eisha tells Armaan that if she can sense his regret for what happened in the past, then why can’t his brother understand it? In the jungle, Chery meets Veer and asks the latter where he went during the solar eclipse. Veer asks her not to talk too much and pulls her towards him.

Chery thinks he is getting romantic, but Veer bites her neck, turning wolf. Chery gets shocked and asks him who he is. Veer reveals his true identity and says he and Armaan are wolves. Chery gets shocked. Armaan gifts a bracelet to Eisha. Eisha inquires as to the reason for this and requests that he not place too much emphasis on her.

She even talks about their relationship, which may not last long. Armaan tells Eisha that it is entirely up to her. Mehek meets her grandmother. Her grandmother senses that Mehek is realizing her powers. Mehek leaves, making an excuse. Chery refuses to leave Veer despite knowing the latter is a wolf. She also gets excited to live his fantasy, superstitious life.

Veer tells her that he is going to erase her memories of what happened. Chery refuses and promises not to tell anyone his true feelings. Eisha and Mehek meet Sarah. Mehek senses her power, so he asks Sarah if she is hiding something. Sarah says that she feels like forgetting something but assures them not to hide anything, then leaves. Eisha requests that Mehek give her a chance to Armaan for her sake.

Mehek agrees. Armaan takes Eisha and Mehek with him. Eisha tells Armaan about Mehek and her family members’ powers. Armaan praises Mehek. Meanwhile, Veer reminds Chery about her plan to introduce her to her friends, so Chery takes him home and gets sad at not finding anyone. Veer takes her to Eisha’s room using his power. Chery expresses her joy, wondering what else she can experience with Veer’s powers. The man tells Maya that the device in his hand will help them identify wolves.

Armaan comes to Eisha’s home with Eisha and Mehek. Malini thanks Armaan for making Eisha happy. Veer hears Armaan’s conversation with the others from the other side of the room. He then suggests to Chery that they can interrupt them. Armaan expresses to Malini his luck at being with Eisha. Chery brings Veer to everyone and introduces him to them. She also tells Eisha that she told her she would get the hottest man.

Veer suggests going for a walk. Armaan says he and Eisha will join them a little later. Mehek complains about them walking in the jungle. She then detects a threat, which she informs Veer and Chery of. Veer assures her of their safety. Meanwhile, Armaan makes Eisha happy by turning the jungle beautiful to his liking using his powers. Eisha expresses her happiness. Veer watches this from afar and gets angry.

Eisha and Armaan meet each other in the jungle. When she receives a call from Vihaan, she reassures Armaan and inquires about him. Veer arrives there. Eisha is taken aback when she notices Veer behind her. She tells him that she recognizes Veer’s traumatized pain but advises him to move on.

Veer tries to hallucinate Eisha using his powers, then tries to kiss her. Eisha slaps Veer and then leaves the place. Veer wonders about the reason behind this, notices Eisha’s bracelet gifted by Armaan, and gets angry. Armaan arrives there and says to Veer that he did warn him, though. Veer challenges Armaan to take Eisha from him and promises to do so at the History Day event the next day before leaving.

The next day, Maya and the man arrive at the event with the machine, which can help them find the wolf. Veer goes to Eisha and takes her to the stage. He apologizes to her for his earlier behavior towards him and tells her about their family story, which involves Tej. He then attempts to kiss Eisha again, but the latter pushes him away. Armaan becomes determined to weaken Veer in order to prevent him from approaching Eisha. Armaan and Eisha dance with one another. Veer intervenes and dances with Eisha.

Armaan spikes Veer’s drink and the latter feels dizzy, so Armaan takes him away from there, assuring everyone about Veer’s well-being. He then takes Veer to the jungle, where he beats him. Maya and the man discover the wolves in the jungle and go in search of them.

Eisha expresses her worry to Mehek and pleads with her to use her power to find the Oberoi brothers and, if they are in trouble, save them. Mehek tells Eisha she is unsure but will try. She tries to locate both Armaan and Veer. Armaan senses being followed after beating Veer and looks aside. Maya and the man arrive there and look on.


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