Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The story begins in 1963 in Lansdale, Uttarakhand. A woman is running in a jungle, calling out to a man named Tej and asking where he is, while a few cops also come there searching for someone. The woman finds Tej, and the latter calls her Avantika and asks why she is being stubborn, knowing they can’t be together.

Avantika says to Tej that she learned how to love from him alone, so she wants to be with him. On the other hand, one of the men instructs his team that because it is a full moon today, it is a good time to kill the wolf. Tej tells Avantika that she doesn’t know his true face, but now she will. He then changes into a wolf.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Avantika asks him to make her a wolf too. Tej decides to bite Avantika, but changes his mind at the last minute and refuses to fulfill Avantika’s requests. The men from his team arrive. He shoots Tej and tells Avantika to stay away from Teja because he is a wolf. Avantika refers to the men and his team as “real monsters” and promises to return her love one day. The man says that, henceforth, no such wolf will come here to stay with humans. Tej dies.

The voiceover informs Lansdale that people in Uttarakhand still recognize the night. Tej and Avantika’s love story will start again, with Tej saying the wolf will definitely return to get back his love. Eisha is in her room and speaks with her parent’s photo, saying how much she misses them. Armaan watches this from outside the window. A group of youngsters travels through a forest. One of them talks about the area being dangerous because of the weird animals.

Others make fun of him. They then notice someone standing in the middle of the road. So they all go out to see who it is. Malini was upset the next day after hearing that a few children were attacked by a dangerous animal. She then calls Eisha and Vihaan to wake up, reminding them about their first day of college. Eisha tries to cheer up her brother. Malini takes Eisha with her and asks her to get ready for college.

Eisha then gets a message from her friend Meher, who guesses the outfit she decides to wear, surprising her. She assures Malini that she will meet Meher for breakfast at the college and then goes to meet him. She teases Meher about predicting the future, as she is always proud of her ability to do so. Meher says the weather will change and rain will pour. She then takes Eisha with her on her bike to college.

She talks about how her life will become cool if she predicts the future, though. She also talks about Eisha’s late parents, which upsets the latter. Meher tries to cheer her up. She then gets surprised when the rain pours. Eisha enjoys it. Meher tells Eisha that her grandmother used to say that those who become part of this group will soon find their life partner, then leaves with Eisha. Armaan watches this from a nearby tree.

Eisha reaches the college, and a group of collegemates tries to cheer her up by showing her parents’ photo. Eisha gets emotional and leaves. Meher scolds one of the girls and then leaves from there. The girl who gets scolded says all she wants is for her friend to be happy, but everyone misunderstands her, but God knows her intentions. She goes on to say that she hopes to meet her man soon and describes who that man should be.

Armaan arrives there. He and Meher notice that Eisha is about to get hurt by a pole, so they run toward her. Armaan saves Eisha. They both stared at each other. Meher arrives, and Armaan leaves there. Eisha notices her brother Vihaan is taking some illegal stuff and advises him not to. Vihaan shouts at her, which upsets Eisha.

Later, Eisha goes to the place where she lost her parents. She looks at their photos and tells them how much she misses them. She then gets scared upon seeing an owl. Armaan comes to her rescue. Eisha questions him for always being there to protect her, especially when she is in trouble, and asks him if he is the reason behind her troubles.

Armaan says no. He then asks Eisha how she is doing and tells her that he knows about her parent’s death. Eisha expresses her pain to Armaan. She then asks him what he does to overcome the pain. Armaan tells her he writes diaries, which brings a smile to Eisha’s face, and the latter teases him also.

Eisha then tells him she makes vlogs, which she promises to show him. She is then injured when blood spills from her hand. Armaan slowly becomes a wolf. He then vanishes from the scene. Eisha looks behind her and is surprised to see that Armaan is not present.

Armaan comes to meet a lady who warns him about the consequences of coming to the city, which isn’t safe for wolves, and requests that he go back. Armaan refuses and gets determined to get what he wants, which is snatched from him. Later, Cherry walks onstage and says that the play will start in a few minutes. She then leaves the stage and goes backstage.

Eisha arrives there and performs her part as Avantika in the play. She summons Tej and inquires as to his whereabouts. The guests are shocked to learn who actually murdered Tej and separated Tej and Avantika. Backstage, Eisha’s partner gets hurt, which upsets Cherry, who wonders how she is going to find her male lead in a few minutes. She then notices Armaan, so she rushes to him and asks him to play Tej, who is a wolf.

Armaan is taken aback at first, but then agrees and chooses Chery. Armaan comes to the stage. He and Eisha both recite their dialogues, which shocks the guests. The man says that they have to look into this matter before it gets out of hand. Eisha and Armaan perform their roles as Avantika and Tej, and then the play comes to an end.

Chery arrives on stage and makes an announcement to watch this play on her social media site, then leaves. The man tells Maya to find out from her daughter where she found this story. Maya assures the man and others that she will look into this issue.

Later, Eisha Armaan and other collegemates were seen in the forest, enjoying the night. Vihaan pleads with Sarah to patch up, but the latter refuses and goes back to where the others are. Chery tells everyone that the play, which is performed by Eisha and Armaan, is the true story of her grandmother, who fell in love with a wolf. She then tries to flirt with Armaan, but Meher takes her from there.

According to Sarah, wolves are dangerous animals that must be killed. Armaan hears it and gets upset and angry. He then disappears, which confuses Eisha. Sarah decides to return home. She then gets attacked. Everyone rushes to her. Maya confirms Sarah gets attacked by a dangerous animal, shocking everyone. Armaan disappears there.

He asks someone to come in front of him and stop playing games with him. Veer appears in front of Armaan. He tells Armaan that he is here to get what he wants, which Armaan also desires. The Facebook video shows Veer attacking a few youngsters and Sarah in the forest. Armaan warns Veer about the consequences if he gets caught.
Veer laughs. They both get into a fight.

Veer says to Armaan that he knows well that the latter is after Eisha because of Kavya, who is his lover, but Armaan snatched her from him. He’s not going to let Armaan do it again. The FB show shows Veer trying to go near Eisha, but Armaan goes to her first. Armaan says to Veer that Eisha isn’t Kavya. Once again, they both get into a fight.

Inside the house, a cloth catches fire. Both Veer and Armaan go inside. Behind the cloth on the wall, a painting of Kavya is in a photo frame, and Kavya looks like Eisha. Veer tries to go towards the photo frame, but Armaan holds him and refuses to let him go.


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