Sherdil Shergill 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bhairav Singh throwing a jug of water on Nirali’s face in front of everyone. Manmeet tries to help Nirali dry herself and questions Mr. Yadav. Mr. Yadav tells Raj to say Manmeet to stay out of all this and no one has the right to question him at home. Raj remains quiet. Manmeet says Mr. Yadav to talk to her directly, she tells him it is better to apologize if made some mistake in anger. She says Nirali is not only his wife but also Raj and Pankhuri’s mother, Deepu and Radhe’s grandmother, and above all, she is a woman.

Pankhuri says Raj to make Manmeet quiet or things will deteriorate. Gunjan’s phone rings so she excuses herself from there. Her mother-in-law keeps taunting her and asks her to bring money from Raj immediately. Puneet overhears. Mr. Yadav again asks Raj to make Manmeet keep shut. Raj says Manmeet is correct and Mr. Yadav should apologize to Nirali. Nirali instead apologizes to Bhairav Singh. Manmeet is shocked to see the attitude of Mr. Yadav towards Nirali. Mr. Yadav says no man in their family for generations has ever apologized to the females.

Mr. Yadav goes on insulting Nirali and says she has no identity of her own and has never earnt a penny. Manmeet says how Nirali is the one who made their house into a home and brought up his children. Mr. Yadav says he can hire servants to do all those work. He shouts at Murari to bring the car as he wants to go outside. Later Nirali says whatever happened today must not have taken place. Gunjan meets Raj and says sorry for troubling him. She insists he gives her money or else her marriage may break. He agrees to do something.

Raj comes to the room and finds Manmeet in a thoughtful state. He says this has never happened before and he was equally shocked. Manmeet says it must have happened privately between them. Raj says Mr. Yadav loves Nirali a lot but Manmeet disagrees and says if he loved her he won’t be disrespectful toward her. Raj jokes how Manmeet scolds him too but says it’s different because she just wants to stop him from getting himself into trouble and she is determined to get Mr. Yadav to apologize to Nirali.

Sherdil Shergill 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Raj hands over 25 lakhs to Gunjan and says it’s wrong of her in-laws to threaten her. He asks her to inform him if they do the same again. While she is going out, Mr. Yadav sees her with the bag in hand. Later, Nirali tells Manmeet it’s not necessary to do all this but Manmeet makes both Nirali and Pankhuri part of her plan.

Mr. Yadav comes to the breakfast table and Brijesh says he will be cooking today because Nirali has taken off day. Mr. Yadav and Murari get shocked to see Nirali and Pankhuri getting pedicures done. The episode ends with Mr. Yadav asking why ladies aren’t cooking and Manmeet says he had yesterday how all those work can be done by the servants instead.

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