Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet complaining about Raj Kumar, saying she feels she is handling two kids. She keeps saying how she doesn’t like his jokes anymore, and they used to fight before marriage, but now it’s going beyond limits. Manmeet sobs, saying that marrying Raj Kumar has ruined her and Anmol’s lives.

Abhishek smirks and takes meticulous notes. She cries and apologizes to Abhishek on behalf of Raj Kumar, then leaves. Hussain thinks about what’s happening. Raj Kumar is at home with Anmol when Mr. Yadav comes to meet him. Mr. Yadav asks Raj Kumar to pack his luggage as they need to go to Delhi.

Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update
Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Raj inquires as to what Bhairav Singh says they need to do for signing a deal, and Raj is needed because he is the MD of the company. Raj says he can’t leave right away because Puneet isn’t at home, and he also needs to notify Manmeet. Manmeet again apologizes to Abhishek. He says that the clients didn’t cancel the deal because of Raj Kumar but because of Manmeet’s lie. He says they can go to Delhi and talk to clients and sort it out.

Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Hussain says he cannot go on such short notice. Manmeet says she will go to Delhi with Abhishek and talk to clients. She asks Abhishek to book the tickets, and she will inform Raj Kumar by then. Nirali asks Mr. Yadav what he said to Raj Kumar and if he is coming back.

She tries to get information from him, but he just says that Raj will be home soon. Nirali sees Abhishek’s family photo in Mr. Yadav’s purse and takes it. Manmeet questions Abhishek about meeting the clients. Abhishek says that the meeting will be in the morning and that they need to stay overnight.

Manmeet tells Abhishek she will inform Raj Kumar about it. While she goes to talk to Raj, Abhishek spikes Manmeet’s drink. She falls unconscious immediately after taking it. Abhishek takes Manmeet to his room. Mr. Yadav and Raj Kumar reach the same hotel for the deal.

Suddenly, Raj Kumar hears Manmeet’s voice and goes to check. He finds the hotel room door open and Manmeet sitting beside Abhishek. Abhishek has played the recording where Manmeet complained about Raj Kumar. While Manmeet is lying unconscious, Raj misunderstands the situation. Mr. Yadav stops him from going inside the room.

Sherdil Shergill 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update

Raj Kumar says that he never thought Manmeet could talk about him like this. He asks Mr. Yadav why he brought him to the same hotel, but Mr. Yadav changes the topic cleverly. Raj asks what he should do, and Mr. Yadav keeps manipulating him against Manmeet.

He says they should go back for now. Later, Manmeet tells Abhishek that she has a severe headache and has questions about the meeting. Abhishek claims that his partners have left for Dubai but that they have agreed to meet later in Mumbai. The episode ends with a shocked Manmeet asking how clients can leave so suddenly.


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