Sherdil Shergill 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Raj Kumar reveals that Gunjan’s mother-in-law tortured her because Raj’s father canceled a deal with them. He says that he helped Gunjan, but her mother-in-law increased pressure on her, so she had to steal. Manmeet says that it’s because of Raj Kumar. Gunjan was not labeled as a thief.

Puneet asks if Roshan is involved in all these. Gunjan says no, but he could not muster the courage to go against his family. Gunjan’s mother-in-law says that they won’t let Gunjan come to their home after all this. Puneet asks her to shut up and beats her with a sandal. Manmeet pacifies Puneet.

Sherdil Shergill 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Puneet questions Gunjan for not telling her all this. Manmeet claims that many other girls experience the same thing; they all keep quiet when they shouldn’t. Ajeet tells Gunjan’s mother-in-law that they will meet in court. Gunjan’s mother-in-law asks for forgiveness. Gunjan asks her family to not harm Roshan. They get Gunjan’s mother-in-law arrested. Raj tells Manmeet that he is proud of her.

Ajeet thanks Raj Kumar. Raj Kumar says that he did everything for Gunjan. Manmeet says that they should give Gunjan and Roshan a second chance. Raj Kumar suggests letting Gunjan and Roshan stay at Ajeet’s house in Shimla. Raj Kumar and Manmeet get romantic, but Anmol spoils their romance.

Murari meets Raj and Manmeet in the office. Raj asks him why he has come. Murari says that his father-in-law is the owner and chairman of the company. Raj says he is the MD, and he doesn’t want Murali or Bhairav on the office premises. Murari says that Bhairav bought the company to make Manmeet feel inferior.

Raj Kumar mocks Murali for staying at his in-laws’ house and asks him to get out. Murari leaves. Ajeet tells Puneet that they should go back to Shimla, as this house now belongs to Raj Kumar and Manmeet. Puneet agrees but wishes to visit the Mahalaxmi Temple before leaving for Shimla. They leave for the temple. Bhairav questions Murali about leaving the office following Raj’s instructions.

Murari says that he could not take the insult. Bhairav criticizes Raj. Priyanka tries to say something, but Bhairav asks her to keep quiet and asks her to go to Nirali. Nirali says that she will never accept Priyanka. Priyanka reminds Nirali that Bhairav and Murali were with her in her plan. She adds that Nirali also wanted Manmeet out of the house.

Nirali goes to slap Priyanka. She hopes Murali is now aware of his mistakes. Divya calls Manmeet and asks her to come home as Puneet and Ajeet left for the temple, and she needs to go to her home. Hussain tells Manmeet that she can’t leave for home because she has to attend an important meeting.

Manmeet says that Anmol is alone at home. Raj says that he will take care of Anmol and asks Manmeet to attend the meeting. Raj comes home, and Divya explains to him all the responsibilities. Raj creates a mess while managing everything. Manmeet sees him through CCTV and enjoys it. Raj accidentally burns milk in the oven.When Ajeet and Puneet return from the temple, they notice that no one has opened the door.

They contact Manmeet. Manmeet comes home and turns the gas off. She finds Raj sleeping with Anmol in the room. She questions Raj for being so carefree. Raj says that he now realises the importance of managing household tasks. He asks Manmeet to work outside and plans to do housekeeping. He asks Puneet to teach him everything. Ajeet says that he and Punnet are going back to Shimla. Nirali cries for Raj. Bhairav mocks her. Manmeet requests Puneet and Ajeet to stay with them. The episode ends.

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