Sherdil Shergill 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Nirali asks Manmeet to convince Raj to change his decision. Manmeet says that she doesn’t have the strength to stop Raj today. She says that she and Anmol won’t stay there because no one wants them. Raj says that he will start a new life with Anmol and Manmeet. Bhairav asks him if he will stay at Manmeet’s parents’ house. Raj says that Manmeet built that house, and if Manmeet can live in Bhairav’s house, he too can stay in Manmeet’s parental house. Priyanka says that she knew Manmeet would take Raj away from his family.

Manmeet says Raj was right about his sister—she can never change. Raj, Manmeet, take Nirali’s permission and blessings. They leave. Ajeet and Puneet discuss the incident. Puneet says that Raj wants them to do the Griha Pravesh ritual for him. Ajeet gives permission for Manmeet’s sake. They worry for Gunjan. Manmeet arrives with Raj and Anmol. Puneet performs the ritual. Raj goes live. Nirali sees the scene and goes to throw Priyanka out of the house. She shows her family the situation and blames Priyanka for it.

Sherdil Shergill 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhairav stops her from kicking Priyanka out of the house. She lashes out at Nirali and asks her to keep quiet. Nirali says she won’t keep quiet and breaks all cords with Priyanka. She also states that she will have no contact with Bhairav until Raj and Manmeet return home. Manmeet tells Raj that they have to solve Gunjan‘s problem first. Puneet asks them about the matter. Manmeet says that she doesn’t want Puneet to be stressed. Nirali takes her belongings away from Bhairav’s room with the help of her grandson. Manmeet goes to Gunjan’s room and hugs her. She asks Gunjan to call her mother-in-law.

Gunjan does the same. She informs her mother-in-law that the money has been arranged and invites her to come and collect it. She says that she will meet her at a different address and give her the money. Her mother-in-law becomes happy. Murari comes to sleep in Bhairav’s room. Bhairav says that he wants to stay alone to think about what he needs to do next. Manmeet feels low thinking about Raj’s family and Gunjan. Raj cheers her up. Nirali comes to Manmeet’s house with Pankhuri. Raj thinks that Bhairav has sent Nirali and tells her that he won’t go back to his home. Manmeet asks him to relax. Raj questions her for supporting Nirali. Manmeet says that Nirali didn’t know anything about Priyanka’s plan.

Nirali asks Manmeet why she is so good and praises her. She tells Raj that she has not come to bring them back but to say that she is with Raj and Manmeet in this. She also says that she doesn’t want to keep ties with Bhairav and others. Manmeet asks her to stay with them. Nirali gets emotional and bids them goodbye. Gunjan meets her mother-in-law and gives her a bag. Her mother-in-law opens the bag and finds piles of newspapers inside. She goes to slap Gunjan. Manmeet holds her hand. Gunjan’s parents and Raj come there. Manmeet informs them that Gunjan’s mother-in-law has been blackmailing and torturing her for a long time. The episode ends.

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