Sherdil Shergill 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Manmeet is about to step on the oil but doesn’t as she hears the sound of a calling bell. She sees that Ajeet and Puneet have arrived and greets them. She asks about Gunjan. Puneet says that she has locked herself in her room since yesterday, doesn’t eat properly, and doesn’t reply to anyone. She asks Manmeet to talk to her. Manmeet says that she will do that. Bhairav greets Manmeet’s parents. Priyanka proposes to click a selfie. She deliberately steps on the oil and slips. Manmeet holds her.

Nirali asks Priyanka if she is fine. Priyanka says yes. Nirali notices that oil and asks Manmeet if she has dropped it while pouring ghee on Diya. Manmeet claims that it is not possible because she cleans the floor every time she pours ghee into the Diya. Nirali asks Brijesh to clean up the flood. Ajeet and Puneet leave, as Gunjan is alone at home. Bhairav questions Priyanka as their plan flops.

Sherdil Shergill 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Sherdil Shergill 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Priyanka tells him that she has a plan B. She promises to throw Manmeet out of the house within 12 hours. Later, Ankur informs Manmeet that Priyanka is calling her. Manmeet goes to Priyanka’s room and sees that she is crying in front of other family members. She inquires as to what transpired. Priyanka tells Manmeet that she will be a bad mother as she is not taking her medicine properly due to confusion.

Nirali asks Manmeet to take care of Priyanka’s medicines. Manmeet asks Priyanka not to cry and gives her the medicine she missed. Priyanka praises Manmeet and hugs her. At the dining table, Priyanka tells everyone that she is feeling uneasy. Manmeet comes and gives her the morning medicines. The police come home and ask Brijesh to call Manmeet. The police ask the doctor to identify Manmeet.

They ask Manmeet if she went to the doctor’s clinic yesterday with a patient for an ultrasound. Manmeet confirms that they went for other reasons but did the ultrasound at the last minute. The police ask Manmeet if she asked for a gender test. Nirali questions her about the same. Manmeet says that she didn’t; it’s a misunderstanding. Police show her a check and say that Manmeet paid 25,000 rupees to determine the gender of the unborn baby.

They say if Manmeet is proven guilty, she will get punished. They ask her to go to the police station. Priyanka sprinkles some water on her face and starts screaming. The doctor checks Priyanka and informs the family that Priyanka has miscarried. The doctor asks if Priyanka was given certain medicines. Nirali says that Manmeet knows about the medicines.

Manmeet claims to have only given the prescribed medications. The doctor asks her to show the medicines. Manmeet does the same. The doctor checks and says she did not prescribe the medications because they are harmful to babies. Flashbacks show that Priyanka replaced the medicines. Manmeet becomes clueless. Priyanka says that she trusted Manmeet completely.

Bhairav asks Manmeet why she did all this. Manmeet says it was the doctor who suggested they do the ultrasound test. Bhairav defends the doctor. He says that Manmeet did the test as soon as she knew that Priyanka was carrying a boy. He asks the police to arrest Manmeet. Priyanka cries and blames Manmeet for her condition. Manmeet asks Nirali if she has anything to say. Nirali asks her why she did this when she treated her like family. She says that she should have doubted her when she asked about the will.

Nirali complains that she could never understand Manmeet. Pankhuri says that Manmeet has broken their trust. Manmeet says that it’s time for everyone to know about Priyanka. She asks someone to come over or everyone to know about Priyanka. She asks someone to come over. Raj enters with a ward boy, who says that Priyanka was never pregnant and no test was conducted. Murari asks about the check. Manmeet displays the check, which bears Priyanka’s signature.

She tells Murari that he should have checked the signature before writing that check. Raj tells Bhairav that he staged his departure for Jharkhand in order to expose Priyanka. He claims that Bhairav was involved in Priyanka’s plan. He says that he had doubts about Priyanka, so he asked Manmeet to follow her. He followed Murari and recorded a video while he was giving the check to the ward boy.

Later, he put pressure on the ward boy, and he admitted everything. He asks the police to arrest the offenders. The police ask for Manmeet’s statement to arrest Priyanka. Manmeet says that they will handle the matter within the family. Raj asks Bhairav why he did all these things, and he says that he won’t stay in a house where his wife and son are not accepted. He says that he will leave the house with Manmeet and Anmol. The episode ends.

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