Sherdil Shergill 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet asking Raj Kumar why he didn’t tell her about Gunjan. Raj Kumar lies to her that she had come to Manmeet but as she wasn’t there so she left. Priyanka comes there and Mr. Yadav happily hugs her. She starts her acting and says she wants to apologize not to Raj Kumar but to Manmeet. Priyanka says to her that there has been a misunderstanding between them but she promises not to create any problems for her in the future. She also appreciates Manmeet for doing everything for Nirali.

Mr. Yadav talks to Priyanka and asks her about her plans. She says she will do anything to win Manmeet’s trust and then attack her. Priyanka asks Mr. Yadav to make Raj go somewhere as he is one who always fails her plans. Raj Kumar is at the office and is staring at Manmeet, she asks him to work. Raj Kumar gets a call from Mr. Yadav who says to Raj that he has to go out of town for cracking a deal. Raj says to Mr. Yadav that he has been sick so he can’t let him go.

Sherdil Shergill 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Raj offers to go instead, but Mr. Yadav keeps acting like he can go himself as Raj recently got married and hasn’t even gone on honeymoon yet. Manmeet says that she can rather go with Raj Kumar because he hasn’t dealt with land contracts before. But Mr. Yadav insists she let Raj go alone. Puneet tells Ajeet that she is really worried about Gunjan. She says how Gunjan is always tensed and has not even talked to Roshan since she has been here. Ajeet tells her not to worry much.

Mr. Yadav calls Ajeet and says he heard that Ajeet has returned home from Shimla. He says to give him a call from Puneet as Nirali wants to talk to her. Nirali tells Puneet that the last few days were chaotic but Manmeet handled everything well so they are arranging a small surprise party and inviting them. Puneet agrees to come.

Manmeet and Raj Kumar return from the office and get surprised to see Manmeet’s family there. Ajeet hugs her happily and asks what magic she did as her mother-in-law has been constantly praising her. Priyanka again apologizes to Manmeet and asks to start afresh. Manmeet hugs her.

Later everyone sits together to play cards. Murari gets a call and Mr. Yadav tells him that there are 4 crore rupees kept in the store room, and from there he should bring 2 crores. Gunjan thinks now she has to do something as Raj Kumar hasn’t been able to help her.

She follows Murari to the storeroom. Mr. Yadav smirks seeing his plan getting successful. Once Murari leaves there, she takes the rest of the money but then panics seeing the door locked. The episode ends with someone entering the storeroom leaving Gunjan shocked.

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