Sherdil Shergill 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet asking Nirali if she can read the balance sheet. Nirali says she was very good at maths and even goes through Mr. Yadav’s files at times. Manmeet praises her and asks her which class she did a study. Nirali says that she had studied till 12th standard and even topped. She wanted to study further but got married. Manmeet asks her why she didn’t study or asks Mr. Yadav’s permission to study. Mr. Yadav comes and says he will question Nirali. Mr. Yadav asks her what is she doing in the office and is dressed like that.

Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that Nirali found a mistake in the balance sheet and saved 6 lakhs which are actually her earnings. She compliments Nirali and even Raj Kumar tells that he is proud of her. Mr. Yadav leaves without saying anything. Murari asks Mr. Yadav if he won’t attend a meeting. He says he has some work to do at home. Mr. Yadav asks Murari to tell Brijesh to cook potato and brinjal. He says he will go and plan to apologize to Nirali and start afresh.

Sherdil Shergill 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

At the office, Raj Kumar asks Nirali to come to the office often and sit in his cabin. They are gossiping when Manmeet sees Gunjan’s call on Raj’s phone. She asks why Gunjan is calling him continuously instead of calling her. Raj makes some excuses. He gets a call from Brijesh who says about Mr. Yadav having food vomiting and falling sick. Nirali comes running to him.

She asks the doctor what happened. He says Mr. Yadav ate what he should not have. Pankhuri asks Brijesh what did he cook. He says about potato and brinjal curry. Nirali says Mr. Yadav is allergic to brinjal. Mr. Yadav says it’s his fault as he wanted to eat it. Mr. Yadav apologizes to Nirali and says it was his fault and he understands no one can handle a house better than her.

He talks sweetly and says Manmeet thank you for making him realize the truth. One Flower bouquet gets delivered and Raj Kumar reads the card but doesn’t react anything. Mr. Yadav asks him to let him see. He reads the note and it’s from Priyanka. She wished him to recover soon and that she wanted to come but cannot because of the circumstances. Mr. Yadav asks Raj to let Priyanka come to meet him.

Raj tells how he never stopped Priyanka but Mr. Yadav says she is upset because of something he had said to her before. Raj leaves from there. Mr. Yadav starts emotionally blackmailing Manmeet to make Raj understand and let him meet Priyanka. He says he is so sick and wants to meet her before something happens to him. Manmeet asks Raj to call Priyanka for his parents.

Raj tells once she is back she will again plan against Manmeet so he doesn’t want to call. Manmeet says if he doesn’t she will call and apologize to Priyanka. The episode ends with Raj telling Manmeet she should never bend before someone because of him.

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