Sherdil Shergill 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raj flirting with Manmeet and saying her about being alone without Anmol but Manmeet teases him back. They share some light moments together. Mr. Yadav wakes up at midnight and finds Murari sleeping in the hall. He wakes Murari up and asks him to come with him to his room as he cannot sleep alone. Mr. Yadav tells Murari that it has been 50 Years of their marriage but he can never sleep without her so he takes her even on trips when he goes outside.

Murari sleeps beside Mr. Yadav but after a while, Mr. Yadav tells him how he is habituated to sleeping hearing sound from Nirali’s bangles. Raj Kumar gets close to Manmeet and they are about to kiss when Murari knocks at the door. Raj tries to ignore but Manmeet tells him to open the gate. Murari asks Raj for Manmeet’s bangles as Mr. Yadav cannot sleep without hearing the bangles’ sounds.

Raj tells him Manmeet is already asleep so he can’t give him bangles. At the morning breakfast table, Mr. Yadav says Nirali and Pankhuri to sit at the table for breakfast. He tells Manmeet that she is educated and hundreds of people work under her. Mr. Yadav starts humiliating Nirali and Pankhuri calling them illiterates who have done nothing in their lives other than raise kids.

Bhairav Singh says if they have ever seen the office and still have so much attitude for nothing, he goes on saying how do they expect him to apologize to a nobody like Nirali. He says he can only apologize if she can do something by herself and leaves laughing at her. He also asks Raj to tell Manmeet to come to the office as she is needed in the meeting. Manmeet tries to console Nirali and Raj Kumar is left upset too because of Mr. Yadav’s behavior.

At the office, Mr. Yadav asks Raj where Manmeet is as he doesn’t want a client to leave because of her. Raj says she must be coming. Manmeet comes to the office with Nirali and Pankhuri. Their client Mr. Siddique comes there and Manmeet introduces Nirali to him. She also introduces everyone else. Manmeet asks Misharji to show the office to Nirali and she will come to a while later. Nirali asks if she won’t be there with them. Manmeet asks her to relax and see around as it’s her office.

Nirali sits on the chair and says it feels really nice. Mishra ji brings tea for her and says he made it in the same way as Manmeet had instructed. Nirali says tea is better at home but it’s more fun drinking it at the office. Pankhuri also says it’s really nice to be there. Manmeet comes there and asks Nirali to keep sitting. Mishra ji brings the balance sheet to check. Manmeet says there is some mistake in it and Nirali correctly points it out. The episode ends with Manmeet being shocked and asking how Nirali could read the balance sheet.

The episode starts with Manmeet explaining to Mr. Yadav that since he had said yesterday that work done by Nirali can also be done by servants so she said Nirali to take a day off and so she is also accompanying her. Bhairav Singh says Murari takes the car out and leaves. Nirali panics and tells Manmeet she should stop all this and she will go and apologize to Mr. Yadav. Manmeet tells Nirali that she knows she hasn’t been able to accept her as her daughter-in-law.

Manmeet says that Nirali is just like her mother and just as she can never see her mother being disrespected same goes for Nirali. Manmeet makes Nirali she needs to take a stand for herself. Manmeet also says she will anyhow get an apology from Mr. Yadav and won’t let Nirali bend too. Nirali agress to do as Manmeet says.

Manmeet tells them they will go out to eat sushi for lunch and asks them to get their skincare done till she gets ready. Murari gives the tiffin from the hotel to Mr. Yadav and says lunch didn’t come from home. Mr. Yadav says him to call Pankhuri and make her understand. Murari tells all this won’t stop unless he apologizes which Mr. Yadav strictly denies.

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