Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update: The Episode starts with the interrogation of Nani to Simar on which side she stands. Simar tactfully confesses that she will take the side whom she promised. Arindam seems he believes in her words. Suddenly to recheck the words of Simar, Nani pulls off the bandage from the hand of Vivaan, but there is no wound when Aarav and all the other family members notice the arm of Vivaan.

The Nani takes the credit for his recuperation. Chitra thanked the Nani, assuming she was Badima. Gajendra asks Nani why did she make herself this look. The Nani explains she has done everything for the sake of Vivaan. They all look satisfied with their answer to Badima. Nani of Arindam asks them to wait for three days for the normalization of their family.

Simar understands the indication of Nani, who proposes a hawan. Giriraj, Gajendra Chitra everyone support Nani with their consent of the hawan. But Aarav, Simar, and Reema don’t expand their hands. Giriraj Gajendra becomes confused.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update

The Nani call them personally for the rest of the arrangements and they leave. Being confused and tensed, Simar asks Aarav to investigate the hawan. Here, Nani describes the family members and how they should participate in the hawan by dedicating their own biological parts. Simar pledges to herself that she wouldn’t let this happen.

On the question Giriraj about the clock’s weird movement, the Nani answers in a diplomatic way and she inspires them for the hawan. Chitra feels relieved to hear the confirmation of Nani. Simar gives hope to Reema and Aarav for how she would save her family. Nani and Arindam conspire about how they would demolish all the members by using themselves for their own destruction.

Reema gets offended understanding the motive of Nani, and Simar asks her to stay calm, but Reema can’t hold her breath. Aarav also calculate the situation. Here Simar figures out how she would save the family by using Arindam. Seeing her on the verge of danger, Aarav and Reema doesn’t give her permission for anything extreme decision.

Simar confronts Nani for her evil intention, but Nani smirks at her intelligence. Nani, explains how she would kill the family members one by one, and most importantly she will stop the existence of Aarav. When Nani mocks the courage of Simar, Simar holds her hand of Nani to showcase her courage. But Nani doesn’t get any fear and reminds her of the time. They have only 72 hours only to prove themselves. But Simar Oswal promises that this time also the purity will win, and the Oswal family will achieve victory.

Wiping out the tears, Simar acts in from Arindam very tactfully. Simar seems disappointed with the behavior of Nani and interestingly she asks Arindam to set out the nuptial arrangements. To hear the proposal, Arindam can’t hold the joy within his palm, but when he is ready to marry her at that very moment, Simar asks him to procrastinate the whole schedule, and above all, she advises to make their marriage ceremony with that very hawan.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd January 2023 Written Update

She also fires up Arindam by illustrating the jealous face of Oswaal after seeing them together. Arindam feels more excited and agrees with the idea. Simar instigates and triggers off enthusiasm of Arindam. Simar helps him to arrange all the nuptial setups. But to hear the plan for their marriage, Nani becomes outrageous, she tries her best to make him understand.

When Nani reminds about Dubru, Arindam calls Dubru with his sign language, but Dubru doesn’t give any reply and they become confused. Hearing the plan of Simar, Aarav looks dissatisfied, but Simar understands the importance of her cruel and strong decision and she says she had no other way. They support each other. Reema feels nervous after listening to their plan of defeating the evils.

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