Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the arrival of Simar in the magical world. Tara can’t believe any human being can reach there. Aarav says she won’t understand the power of love. They were made for each other. They are meant to be together. Love has the power to make the impossible possible.

Tara says she won’t let Simar do anything to destroy her plan. Tara also let him know about the 12 hours. “The next 12 hours will be very hard for Simar,” Tara tells Aarav. Aarav loudly declares his love for her. Here, Vivaan and Reema bring the dead body of Aarav into the family.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Seeing the body, the members get emotional and start crying. Reema and Vivaan are questioned about where they have been. Vivaan describes the whole process of Simar’s plan. Badima is rendered speechless upon hearing it. They can’t believe Simar could sacrifice her life. Badima yells at Vivaan, asking why she was allowed to do that. Vivaan explains how impossible it was to stop Simar; she sacrificed her own life just to find her love.

Reema asks the family members to be strong and to stand beside her. Badima turns emotional and tearful, thinking of Simar’s brevity. Badima also consoles Sandhya and encourages her with positive words. Badima increases the energy of others and asks to pray for Simar. Reema also suggests protecting Simar’s body. Vivaan then informed them of the 12-hour rule. Everyone is shocked to learn that Simar must return within 12 hours.

Tara shows her envious and reluctant attitude toward Aarav. Tara cuts her own hair and asks her own hair to free Charulata so that they can harm Aarav and Simar’s bodies. So they won’t be able to live. They will be denied the opportunity to live. Here, Simar has been suffering from various difficulties since she arrived there. Tara welcomes Simar in a very cruel way. They resume their verbal duel to see who will prevail. Tara uses her magical power to punish Simar, who is eager to show her love.

Tara asks Simar to forget Aarav, but Simar denies it. When Simar disagrees to forget Aarav, she binds her hands. Though she has been suffering from tremendous pain, she says Aarav will never forget her. Tara says she is taking Aarav through a river, which will make him forget all his memories. Tara and Masumi were both released by Tara’s hair in this location. Charulata is asked to destroy the body of Aarav. But Masumi asks how she would waste their bodies without her magical power, and Tara promises herself that she will destroy their bodies by hook or crook.

Charulata and Masumi both reach out to the Oswaal family and notice that the Oswaals are worshipping Matarani, which makes Charu more offended. When all are praying, Charu proceeds to the body. Meanwhile, Charu switches off the main source of electricity. Reema says if electricity does not return, preservation will be prevented. Everyone becomes preoccupied with determining the cause of the power outage.

Tara asks Aarav to forget Simar because she will suffer more if he remembers her. When Aarav asks where Simar is, Tara proceeds to kill Simar; she left the door open so Aarav could follow her and Tara would take her toward the magical river. Meanwhile, Simar arrives.


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