Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with the question of Badima. She asks Gajendra whether he has two girls, but he doesn’t know. Then Badima confirms that there were twins. Simar adds that the baby girl died shortly after birth. Badima jerks him away and asks if he killed that girl. Gajendra asks Giriraj to support his words. He remains silent. Badima is disappointed to see their attitude.

Giriraj confesses that he was guilty of that incident. Everyone becomes awestruck. Being devastated, he described the situation of that time, how busy all were, how broken Gajendra was, and the helpless situation of Charu. He did everything for the fame of the Oswal family. He took Charu to a hospital for an abortion without informing Gajendra or Charu.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Badima, who declares abortion to be illegal, yells at Giriraj. Most importantly, Giriraj killed the baby without informing the mother. Geetanjali Debi devastatingly points out how he could do this, that it is a crime, and how he has lived his life keeping this secret. Chitra blames Badima, who may be Gajendra and Giriraj, for being pressurized by the false illustration of fame for this family. Badima again breaks down in tears. She rebukes Chitra for not having emphasized the mind.

Simar asks them to hold their emotions and be strong. Badima vehemently cries and repents of how she brought up her own child in that manner. She feels betrayed by her own sons. She insults Gajendra and Giriraj for these evil revelations. Geetanjali Devi feels insulted and disgraced by her own son. She can’t stand her impolite behavior. Badima accepts that they both sinned. She also reminds me of Brahmin’s words. Giriraj and Gajendra both touched Badima’s feet and apologized. They both admit their guilt.

Simar claims they have already committed crimes and should not make any more mistakes. Simar brings up Masumi’s situation—how she was left out despite her deserving and how she lost her own sister and mother. If they cast away Masumi again, they will make one more mistake. Gajendra also supports her statement and asks her to keep Masumi. Meanwhile, Sandhya comes and asks Badima to save this house from breaking.

Sandhya reminds her how her own children were betrayed, how she was insulted by this incident, and that they shouldn’t make any more mistakes. Sandhya doesn’t agree to keep Masumi. She doesn’t want it anymore. This statement again shakes everyone. Because Badima is not mentally stable, she cannot do anything on her own and has delegated this responsibility to Simar because she trusts her more than herself. Simar accepts her responsibility for making Masumi’s decision. They all utter the name of Maa Durga. Sandhya stares at Simar and asks Simar to give her justice. Simar feels the pressure of many emotions and eyes.

Here, Gunjan and Masumi discuss themselves. They seem happy, as every member is talking about them. Then she brings the food for Masumi. Simar feels that there is one more person in that room. Simar explains how she was wronged by them and asks for an apology for their misbehavior. Masumi is asked whether she wants to live in this home. Masumi nods as she asks for permission. Gunjan orders her to shout at Simar. Masumi starts to blame the Oswals. She says she will snatch everything and make threats to Simar. Simar gets fearful and runs from the room. Then she informs others about Masumi’s precarious situation.

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