Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Badima’s admiration of Oswaal members. Then that Brahmin acclaims that that vanity regarding her family members will break soon. Hearing that prophecy, everyone becomes alarmed. Badima is so disoriented, she can’t accept that proclamation, she says no one in her family can even think of any crime. Meanwhile, Gajendra looks nervous and screwed up. Seeing him tensed, Simar asks whether he is alright.

Her father-in-law proclaims that hearing those threatening words, he feels something weird. Simar supports me with his words. The Brahmin again declines to take anything, and he proceeds to the door. Then Simar goes for apologies, but Brahmin gives Simar some alerting words regarding the contribution of women, and he leaves. Chitra, being outrageous, suggests calling other Brahmin but Badima becomes so disappointed and unsatisfied, that she is puzzled by his prophecy. To assume the misery, she trembles in fear.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Gajendra becomes so tormented and disturbed in his room that he shares his past sin with Giriraj. But it seems that Giriraj already knows everything; he says that he also committed the same crime. Simar when proceeds to go to the room of Gajendra, she is called by Badima. Here, Badima can’t overlook the prophets of the Brahmin. She can’t digest the words. Simar suggests she calm herself and also asks her to have faith in Matarani. Simar suggests Badima donate to an orphanage on this auspicious day. They decide to celebrate their day in some other way.

Ahead, Giriraj consoles Gajendra, but being screwed up, Gajendra says all those incidents have tormented him for the last 25 years; he reminds him of one night. Giriraj asks him to control his emotions. This incident was so heavy that it will destroy the whole family. They have to control their emotions.

Badima and her family go to an orphanage to celebrate the day. The teachers of that school introduce the Oswaal family, especially Badima. Badima says she has brought some food or some gifts for them. After some time, the Oswaal family distributes food among the children. Seeing the happy faces of the children, Badima becomes relaxed. When Simar comes to take the juice boxes, Simar notices Gajendra being tense.

When Ganjendra asks Simar why did she choose that particular orphanage. Simar says she has noticed some receipt copies that indicate that Gajendra used to donate a huge amount of money for the last 25 years, which is not known by others. So Simar decided to celebrate at that orphanage. Simar notices something weird and grotesque behavior in Gajendra. Simar even asks Gajendra to share with herself if he has anything to say. Simar requests for him to share with her as a daughter. Gajendra smiles, getting support from Simar.

Badima shares some funny stories with the children. When Simar asks one teacher whether anyone is left for the food, that teacher shares that one girl doesn’t come out from the home. Simar says she herself will go get her food. When she is stopped by that teacher and alerted by the arrogance of that girl, Simar ignores that and proceeds into her room. Masumi, the girl, is provoked by many delicious foods. But Masumi turns to misterious to Simar. When she is offered friendship, she becomes puzzled and shows some politeness.

Ganjendra talks with a teacher, and she says something mysterious about the girl. The teacher also shares the same rudeness as that girl. Gajendra is asked to take the girl from this orphanage because she has been becoming more aggressive. She is moody, sensitive, and aggressive; always, she harms others.

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