Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Simar gains her consciousness. The family members get happy. Simar notifies that Naag is about to come out. Geetanjali urges everyone to go inside. Sandhya says wherever they go, the Naag won’t go anywhere. She then takes a stick and starts beating the Naag, saying she can’t see her children’s suffering.

Aarav stops Sandhya and then makes a promise to protect the family members. Aarav throws the Naag away when it tries to attack Sandhya. He then checks that Naag is dead, and he informs the family. Despite Simar trying to soothe her, Geetanjali gets worried, saying this isn’t a good sign. Sandhya assures Aarav that she is okay.

Simar and Geetanjali are with Aarav outside the house. Simar notices Geetanjali is scared. Geetanjali says that killing Naag is a good sign. Simran says that Aarav did this to save Sandhya. It’s an accident which they all know. Geetanjali asks the Naag to forgive her family because whatever happened was an accident. It’s not their intention to kill the Naag.

They all decide to leave. Both Simar and Geetanjali sense someone is watching them. Aarav says they all are tired, so she feels that way. He then takes her with him. Simar also follows them. But she stops and looks behind her. She then follows Aarav and Geetanjali. Geetanjali tells Aarav and Simar about the family members’ whereabouts and then asks them to rest. Simar sends Aarav inside to freshen up. She then joins Geetanjali Devi, who is before God’s idol.

She lights up the diya and asks her to believe in God because nothing much will happen. Geetanjali says that Simar is correct, but since childhood, she has heard stories about Naag and Naagin. She further says Aarav killed the Naag. Simar defends by saying whatever Aarav does is to save Sandhya. Geetanjali says she is correct, but she hears the story of Naag and Naagin’s inseparable bond.

When One of them dies, the other becomes alone and tells the other to come to take revenge. Meanwhile, the weather changes, and one of the Naagin appears. Inside the mansion, due to the wind, the diya blows off. Geetanjali gets scared and tells whatever she hears about Naag and Naagin’s story, which must be true.

She says that the Naag died because of their family member only. Simar lights up diya and says that she has faith in God. Geetanjali hopes Simar’s faith is more vital than her fear. Naagin watches both Simar and Geetanjali from outside the house.

Later, Simar comes to her house. Vivaan and Reema try to fool her by acting like the room belongs to them. Simar finds Aarav. Vivaan and Reema gets upset. Simar says she is more intelligent than them. Reema apologizes to the family members for being part of the Naag’s evil plans. Vivaan soothes her, saying she is under the spell of Naag.

Simar warns Aarav Vivaan and Reema about Geetanjali’s fear and asks them to stay cautious around their surroundings. They all oblige. The next day Simar prepares tea for everyone. She asks Reema to serve it to others while she takes tea for Geetanjali Devi. She finds Geetanjali Devi stressed, but before she can speak, all of them hear Reema’s scream and rushes to Sandhya’s room and finds her dead. They all look on stunned.


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