Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with a discussion between Simar and Tara. Tara reveals from her heart that she is determined to achieve many more things by herself, which increases Simar’s doubt. Simar nods her head, but Tara continues saying something weird, which Simar can’t understand. Simar asks her to freshen herself.

When Simar is about to leave the room, Tara says to herself that Aarav will be her. Reema alerts Simar about Tara, and she also shows the fingerprints, but they have vanished when she opens them. Simar also expresses her doubt about Tara. When Reema confirms there is something wrong with Tara, Simar also supports Reema. Simar says they both want to do well in this house.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Vivaan, Riyansh, and Gagan pull Aarav’s leg about Tara’s massage. Riyansh reminds her that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. They are unsure how they will arrange the party in this short time. Tata comforts herself in the room, dressing up in pompous manners. She lies down in bed, but she doesn’t feel comfortable in bed. Tara thanks Charulata by heart, as she gave her the opportunity to live in this Oswaal family.

As soon as Tara says the name Charulata, Charulata thumps on the door of her room to open it, but Tara doesn’t feel like opening it. She feels irritated to know of Charulata’s presence. When she goes to open the door, Tara notices that there are lots of lamps and red thread, red glasses, etc. Tara expresses her thoughts on the situation when Charulata becomes anxious to come out.

Tara gets hurt by the lamp when she proceeds to the door, even getting shocked to open the door. Tara mocks her power, then summons other witches, which astounds Tara. They appear one by one in front of Oswaal’s door. Tara asks them how they freed themselves. Tara is ordered to welcome her according to the witches’ rules after she asks her question.

Simar comes out of her bed to find out what’s going on out in the hall. As she reaches the corridor near the staircase, someone touches her shoulders from behind. She gets frightened. She turns around and finds Badima. Badima is also up for the same reason. She is also feeling something strange. They come downstairs into the hall to find out the source of the fast wind coming inside the house.

Simar suggests the windows are open, which is why the wind is entering the house so quickly. She shuts the window, and then Badima and Simar hear some unpleasant sounds coming from Tara’s room. They come and open Tara’s room, and she gets very shocked. The episode ends with Reema entering Tara’s room to find out her secrets, and she opens the wardrobe. There are some containers. She opens them and finds rotten food and worms in them. She gets very shocked and starts shouting. Tara smells the danger and appears in front of her. Tara pushes Reema against the floor and starts threatening her.


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