Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nag threatening the Oswal family. Nag gives a strong jerk to Badima. Being offended, Suraj and Vivaan start fighting with the Nag. Simar, getting confounded, asks them to be conscious of themselves. The Nag bites Suraj and hurts him. The fight continues for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Reema comes from the jar. The Nag causes harm to both Vivaan and Suraj.

Reema proceeds with the knife towards Vivaan. Meanwhile, Gagan holds Reema tightly and asks Aditi to snatch her knife. But Aditi’s hand gets injured with the knife. Reema puts blood on the crystal stone. Everyone can’t understand what’s going on. In spite of spreading the auspicious water on Reema, she doesn’t get it. The fighting continues, which makes others puzzled.

Simar recalls the prophecies of Brahmin and how he asked Simar to control the snake. Simar goes to find that bin and starts to play it. The Nag starts to lose control over himself. In spite of hitting Simar, she doesn’t stop to play the piano. Reema is asked to stop the bin. The nag can’t bear the sound of that bin. Reema says to Simar she won’t win today and holds the bin. The magical bangle spoils the power of Simar. But Gajendra hits Reema in the head, and again Simar starts to play the bin. Nag behaves like a bad boy. He desperately tries to stop Simar. Suraj and Vivaan try to bind Nag. Simar doesn’t stop to play.

Badima insults Nag for deceiving them. Nag struggles to stop Simar, but Suraj and Vivaan continue to beat him. Sandhya also rebukes him. Finally, when Suraj says he is losing his power, Simar doesn’t stop playing. Nag continues to threaten him, saying he won’t spare them. The body of Aarav loses its sense, and Nag is losing his power. The nag comes out of the body of Aarav and goes to his own box. Reema also gets her sense back. Reema says it’s okay. Aarav stares at Simar, but she doesn’t stop playing. Finally, Suraj’s body dies, and when Vivaan checks on him, he doesn’t respond. All become puzzled.

Then all the members start to pray to Matarani to get their son back. Then they see the soul coming out of the body of Suraj and entering the body of Aarav. Then finally, Aarav gets back to his senses and utters the name Simar. All become very happy and joyful. Aarav runs to Simar and hugs her tightly. But after a while, Simar loses her sense. They all try to return her sense. Sandhya laments over these calamities.


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