Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a grand celebration of Holi in the Oswaal family. Everyone enjoys the celebration. All the members gleefully painted each other’s faces. Then Gajendra, Sandhya, Giriraj, and others touched the feet of Badima and wished her “Happy Holi”. Meanwhile, the Naag becomes jealous of the happiness in the Oswaal family.

But he is also wished for by Badima. Here, Reema conspires to mix some pieces of glass in the water of colors. Then Simar comes in the midst of them, but Aarav doesn’t put the color on Simar; then Badima asks Simar about her odd behavior, and he proceeds with the coloring; then Suraj spreads the color on Simar, which makes Simar pleased.

Aarav looks at Suraj with skepticism because his face is unrecognizable by color. Then the nag, in the disguise of Aarav, puts some colors on Simar and wishes her The Naag says he brought some gifts for Simar; he shows two bangles for Simar. When Simar denies taking this, then he requests it. Simar expands her hand and accepts the gift.

The Naag is offered a glass of juice by Simar to have it. Then Nag looks at her with skepticism, and he drinks that as well. Simar mixed some Ganga water to reduce his power, but Aditi snatched that glass. Others then ask Simar to bring the glasses for everybody. Meanwhile, Reema starts to dance with colors. Simar is forced to dance by the nag. Here, Vivaan also arrives, hiding his face with colors.

All are enjoying the celebration and dancing with others. Suraj and Vivaan prepare to execute their plan. Reema is currently enamored with Vivaan and Suraj. They forcefully keep her in a big jar. The girl looks for Reema but can’t find her. Simar again offers a glass of juice to Aarav. Drinking the mixer, the Naag doesn’t feel stable and loses his sense.

Everyone becomes awestruck upon seeing his condition. All run to him checking him. Badima asks Simar what happened with Aarav. Them Simar confesses that he is not her Aarav, and others become bamboozled listening to her words. Then Simar calls the real Aarav. Hearing Simar, Gajendra, and Sandhya ask questions about her statement, Simar then can’t prove it with logic.

Ahead, Vivaan then supports Simar and explains all things in a nutshell. When they two came from the Mayalok, Aarav’s body got the snake’s soul instead of his own. Meanwhile, Nag arrives and cuts Chitra. Chitra leaves for the hospital. When this nag showcases his power, Simar asks that snake stop. Sandhya loses her senses seeing all this, but Suraj controls her. Simar continues to spread some auspicious water on it, and then again, the snake is transformed into the body of Aarav. He accepts the truth but doesn’t seem weak. Suraj starts to threaten him.


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