Saavi Ki Savaari 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Vedika telling Nityam that he entered the temple after many years so he must be feeling many emotions. Nityam tells her that Saavi should not have done that. She tells him that it was necessary for him. She assures him that everything will be fine. She learns about Nityam and Sonam’s Delhi trip.

On the other hand, Sonam does a lot of shopping for the Delhi trip. Nutan asks her why the latter spends so much money on 2 days trip. Sonam tells her that she is earning and she knows where to spend and goes inside. Saavi calls Nutan and asks her to tell Sonam to buy a new phone for Ananya. Nutan tells her that Sonam has so much to buy that Ananya should wait for her phone. Saavi tells her that the factory will run in profit soon so she will arrange money.

In the factory, Saavi asks Kaka if he is also leaving. Kaka tells her that he has no work to do now. She tells him that this factory needs his experience. She says that she has to prove that this factory can run like before. Thusar brings raw materials for the spark plug. He tells Saavi that he brought it from the godown. Kaka asks Saavi that how she arranged money for raw materials when this factory is going to get closed in two weeks.

She tells him that she is Nityam’s wife. He talks about Nityam’s father Satyam and their hard work. She tells him that Nityam never visits the factory because he misses his father. She asks him to support her. He wears a uniform and tells her that he is ready. He asks her to arrange for buyers to buy spark plugs and goes inside. She plans to meet the auto union leader.

Ratna tells Sonam that she has something important to tell her. Sonam tells her that she doesn’t want to know about Krishna and Shivam. Ratna notices sexy nightwear and asks Sonam what is the latter’s plan. Sonam tells her that she wants to get close to Nityam on this Delhi trip.

Saavi and Razak meet the auto union leader. She tells him that she is working in the factory where they are producing spark plugs and they are selling at half market price because that’s a bike spark plug and they modified it so that it can fix in the auto.

She says that they even tested it. He asks her that if she can produce 2 thousand spark plugs in 3 days. She asks for advance. She calls Nityam and informs him that she hired young workers and got contracts too. Nityam smiles and tells all the best to her. She tells all the best to him for the meeting and asks him to take care of him.

Vedika asks Kiran to find a job for Sonam. She thinks that Sonam’s intention could be right but she can’t take risks in Saavi and Nityam’s relationship. Nityam praises Saavi to Sonam. Sonam tells him that the auto union people supported Saavi always. They leave for Delhi.

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