Saavi Ki Savaari 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Thasvi hugging Himesh and crying. Dimpy consoles Thasvi. They leave from there. Saavi sees that and she thinks that she has become bad in front of them, but if that unites them like family, then she is fine with it. On the other hand, Jeevika stops Gullu and asks him for a ride. Gullu tells her that the auto’s date is expired and leaves there. He reaches the junkyard and tells them to destroy the car.

Razak calls Saavi and informs her that her car is missing. Saavi wonders who took her car, and she searches for it. She tries to find out about her car from the traffic police officer. She tells him about her car number and asks him if they towed it. She informs him that it was parked outside the Suryavanshi factory. A traffic police officer checks the list and tells her that they did not tow her vehicle.

Saavi Ki Savaari 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sonam recalls Shivam’s marriage proposal. Ratna comes there and gives her laddu to her, saying that she went to the temple to thank God for saving them from Shivam. Sonam tells her that Shivam wants to marry her. Ratna tells her to marry Shivam, or else the latter will end up in jail.

Jeevika attempts to rent a car. She reaches the middle of the road, and she is about to meet an accident. Saavi saves her. Jeevika introduces herself to her, and she informs her about Jyoti. Saavi praises her and talks about her autobiography. Jeevika tells her that she saw that auto, and someone took the auto to the junkyard.

Saavi understands that Gullu took her car. She thanks Jeevika and leaves from there. She recalls the times she spent with her car. She reaches the junkyard and searches her car. She learns that they destroyed her car. She notices her auto number plate burning and cries. She also notices her father’s photo. One man tells her that Gullu brought the car so she can talk to him.

Meanwhile, Nityam tries to cheer Thasvi up. Thasvi tells him that he must be angry at her. He tells her that she tried to tell him, but he did not listen to her well. He says that Saavi should not have done this. She tells him that she trusted Saavi the most and cries. She says that she wants to forget Tushar and move on. He tells her that he won’t tell about this to Vedika, Uma Devi, and Devraj.

Gullu drinks tea from a roadside shop. Saavi comes there, and she beats him up. She asks him why he destroyed her car. He tells her that he just wanted money, and Nityam told him to do all this. Hearing him speak breaks her heart. She cries as she recalls Nityam’s constant insults to her.

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